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Surfing Vinosh Pet in first Box!

Posted 06-30-2009 at 10:16 PM by Hayaka
Wow..what luck i am having ^^ I bought 15 Vinosh Boxes... Well it was 10 first then at Aquarius Shop that i bought 5 more and let's see... I got just about everything except for Innerwear but that doesn't matter and within after 3 weeks is up; then that means i get a FREE SUMMER PIA PET! <3~

Upon the Bliss Box 80s; i have recieved a Staff, Shield, Hat, Accessory for 90 days O__O; and 3 Pets: 2 Kimono Rosemary and 1 Kimono Rosetta :3

I'll probly go fuse a Rosemary and then sell her? o.o;

hmm... Funny thing is... on the last box... i finally got the CAPE... and i was like *le gasp* YAY! ^.^

Now, i dunno what i want to do now...i would do Ep4 but there is a certain room to where it is REALLY laggy and sometimes it will cause for my game to freeze up.

Meh ^^; I also had a talk to Minits about MyShop today as well... go fig...

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