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About my Sheeps....

Posted 06-20-2009 at 02:10 PM by Hayaka
Ever since that event of 100hrs has been put in... i was going to log in my Bunny, but i've got to thinking... eh...

I gave her a lil break and went on my Sheep; XxXMelodyXxX after for so long... now i just have to get Hayaka activated soon...

Thing is... i want my Bunny to be Officially lvl215...then after that... i want to really take a break from her @_@; Not forever tho.... i need to give my Sheeps a chance to be playable and also active in the guild....

Also, i want those smexy haxxed MA Ruby Shades before they go vanished.

As from the Fiesta Zone that lasted only a week... i finished all of my 99 rounds on the very last day ;o... i was proud to get my Bunny's TM from 183-190 =D

My Bunny; SaibaBabe.... i adore you playing as my very first character in the beginning of Trickster (tho her name was HasteArrow), but sadly you will be relaxing at the Caballa Island (Aqaurius Inn) for awhile.

Surprisingly; my Sheep... Hayaka will automatically go surpass my Bunny's lvl as she is already 210 and have yet to do any of the Tech Quests yet n.n;

Boss Trials are something that i need to ignore...i dunno why but they lag me for some reason D:

Anyhoo...that's it for now...

Have fun on Caballa Island; Tricksters :3

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