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A Fun Day :]

Posted 01-31-2009 at 09:59 PM by Hawk
Today, in Lunia, my guild and I did a Kirin raid. It was fun as hell . We finished in 9 minutes. We got to the secret boss, and well, we all lost a life, then we began pwning him >:].

Then I helped one of my guildies stage to Episode 2L, it was fun. I met a new friend today too. Her name is Claire. I'm starting to get back the feeling of a big family when I'm with my guild now ^^.

Before I went to sleep, I did a Lower raid. Me and an Eir defended, and we won! It was a great success because usually, no one defends and we lose =/. I got around 60% today. And it was fun ^^.

<3 Titans

Time to go to sleep ^^

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