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Welcome to the Grand Chase blog!

I hope you enjoy reading our boring adventures. :u
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Grand Lag in Grand Chase

Posted 01-17-2009 at 06:01 AM by Shazbot
So you know, the event's going on and boxes are being dropped in normal dungeons. You really want to dungeon alot, to get those boxes, so first, you try to find a room in anywhere. I tried going to Valstrath. As my first attempt, I tried to find a room with my level 50 arme! :D

I examined the list, rarely did I see any "50+ only" so I tried joining a 45+ one. We got a full 45+ party pretty fast, and no one under level 30, obviously ;D. And the dungeon begins! And then... I lag during the first screen ;_;

It happened more than once though. :py64:

I tried soloing with my arme. It was quite easy until the mini-boss did 101 damage with a slash, and that was like....a 5 slash Ronan combo. :py32: Then the Minotaur himself did 244 damage. :py22:


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