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Still alive and finally looking up

Posted 05-14-2011 at 11:43 AM by Globalastro
Now, Although I'm still toothless, things are finally looking up!!

I'm moving out of my 830 a month studio apartment and going to a 1 bedroom apartment for the same price with double the square footage.

George and I are still working on First State Couriers and are currently looking for office space. We're about to start a partnership with FedEx to be a FedEx Authorized Delivery Service which means we'll be diong deliveries for fedex as well as being able to take fedex orders directly.

Money's still tight as usual, but it's only tight now and not non existant. Still can't afford to buy pretty, shiny, fancy things, but it's better than being over drawn after paying bills and best of all, we finish paying off our SUV in july, so only 2 more months of car payments!

Downsides though, with moving, i'm going to be forced to find a new job... and as anyone can tell you, no one is hiring. So wish me luck.

I know I keep saying I need to get on here more, but just haven't really been able to so Hi to all my friends I haven't talked to in forever and sorry i've been non-existant.

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