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45 minute walk to a 9 hour shift... in the rain

Posted 11-25-2009 at 08:04 AM by Globalastro
So, the car's in the shop today to fix the evap system and last night i get told that i'm needed in at noon instead of 2 and with no possible ride to get there.

Bad enough that i already have to work 5 to midnight on thanksgiving, but now the day before, one of the busiest days (meaning little to no breaks)

It's times like these that i wished i still worked in food service, because at least then i could look forward to tips.

Instead, during this shift i have to not only upsell (which i have no problem doing if it's something actually worth while like taking donations for the childrens miracle network) but also have to tell every single customer
"By the way, the return policy has changed for games and movies, for games, theyre due back by noon on the 5th day, after the 5th day, you get charged a 99 cent extended viewing fee for each additional day up until 10 days, after 10 days, the game will sell to you and you have 10 days to return it, If returned within 10 days after selling, you will be refunded the selling price of the game of all but $1.25, but will still be responsable for the 99 cent extended viewing fees, after 10 days you then own the movie. With movies, on the other hand, after the due date you have a 10 day grace period and then after that 10 day period, it sells to you and you have 10 days after the sale to return it to be refunded all but $1.25 per title, after having sold to you for 10 days, you then own the movie"

All because the customers are too stupid to read the receipt when we say "The return policy has changed, please refer to the bottom of the receipt" because no one did...

now, how the hell am i supposed to fit "would you like to try a holiday escape pass, unlimited rentals weekly, 1 at a time, for 9.99 or 2 at a time for 17.99 or the monthly for 24.99 for 1 at a time, or 34.99 for 2 at a time"

ONce hearing the whole thing about the new policy, they already stopped listening 5 minutes ago and by the time you're done that one, they just want to go home.

But what's even worse. These pass deals and selling tivo with "Blockbuster On Demand" are pushing customers from the store, why should we have to push something that could end up costing us our jobs due to the lack of a need for a customer to come into the store anymore??

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  1. lol reading this i was like they work at blockbuster before you even confirmed it.... haha that new return policy blows... and it has me thinking of netflix. Blockbuster doesn't know what they want to do as a company. They need new direction.

    Sorry you had to walk to work in the rain... and who's going to blockbuster on thanksgiving? lol
    Posted 11-25-2009 at 09:35 AM by Jumpercable Jumpercable is offline
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