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Well I'm Bored...

Posted 04-26-2010 at 07:30 PM by Ghoststaker
So im doing a random blog post.

With everything thats been happening these past few weeks, life has never been so... Busy.

For one thing I started my attachment, for those who don't know what that is, it means I get to work in a company as part of my school assignment.

Now that would be lots of great fun but I (a programmer that went to a place to AVOID artistic endeavors) went to a DM department (Digital Media, Animation, and Graphics modeling).

You never know what people are thinking...

Ok.... Great... Now what... C++ out of the window and in comes them trying to find something for me to do... My grades are on the line... Well now i get stuck with iPhone Programming (!!REAL FUN!! ).

A few designing jobs here and there a few programs here and there... And o... 4 weeks to go...

Somehow im missing school already...

On the plus side, the game project i was working on, is FINALLY getting.. worked on! Though at a horrible pace due to everyone having to work and what not. Managing time has never been so important.

Expecting to get one character out within the end of the month. Juggling resources so that everyone has work to do... Making sure stuff gets done... Now thats kind of fun... Producing that is...

Very happy though that stuff got done over the weekend.
Characters were finalised.
Story is now rolling and being typed out.
Departments ingame are finalised.
3D bullets having problems... O crap, ah well programming side is fine...
Engine is being fixed...

New word of the week "Finalised" Love the word.

On a better note, Latale FTW! Level 95 even with such a busy schedule, even if i'm up to here with work... I will still game! Ok break over...

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