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Noo yoshi noooooooooooo

Posted 02-04-2010 at 07:59 AM by ggstaff (ggftw Staff Blog)

Okey, completely random titel. But I'm watching a group LP with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and I'm laughing my ass off here. Hue, I need to wipe away the tears in my eyes.

I have sadly not written much, Pardon me for that. But it barely ever happens ANYTHING here for me. So I don't have much to write. \o/

Anyway, for a couple of weeks ago my photo teacher took me to a school where you mostly...
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When warranty periods ends...

Posted 01-31-2010 at 04:40 PM by ggstaff (ggftw Staff Blog)
My laptop start to fail itself, starting to overheat and the cpu fan will start to fail. Not to mentioning my mouse, as well ._.

Ironically, it was so fine within the warranty period, and once the warranty ended, it all start failing .-.
Is this some sort of "marketing scheme"? Lol, fail after warranty period D: ?

Now I've to send it for repairs, hopefully it's within my budget ~_~ no laptop for few days for me ._.

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Tomorrow Begins Hell

Posted 01-25-2010 at 11:48 PM by Bob (ggftw Staff Blog)

Class schedule is already messed up. I sprained my back. I limp when I walk. I have less than 6 hours before I wake up for class. Semester has started off badly.

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I am Bob.
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I hate this week...

Posted 01-12-2010 at 04:18 PM by ggstaff (ggftw Staff Blog)
It's only Tuesday and I'm already sick. So annoyed at this week.

On Sunday, I had some sore throat issues and started to have some issues swallowing or breathing. I took medicine and it was fine at night.

On Monday morning, the sore throat came back along with coughing...Now I'm coughing, can't swallow, and having a hard time breathing sometimes. Stupid medicines didn't work properly.

Now it's Tuesday and I have everything above ALONG with my allergies....
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I have apparently a WoW account... _

Posted 01-12-2010 at 01:17 PM by ggstaff (ggftw Staff Blog)
Updated 02-04-2010 at 08:01 AM by LaTale

My precious computer died a couple of days ago together with all my REALLY important stuff. We're still trying to fix it now and I'm hoping that I'll keep all my stuff. Losing all my drawings and my music would suck really bad. Specially the drawings. Music I can replace, but not drawings.
Note to self: Doing a back-up on things isn't that bad after all.

Anyway, right now I'm using the other computer....
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