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So I actually made a lil'game...

Posted 04-30-2011 at 02:36 PM by ggstaff
And when I say a lil'game I mean a lil'game.

Some people might remember that I said that I went on a game making course for about half a year ago.
A few weeks ago they had a "round 2" of the game making course.

The first course pretty much consisted of me testing things out. How you did this and that, How you made something move ect. I DID make a game, but it wasn't much of a game. More like, Walk around and get to that certian point.

THIS TIME however I managed to make a somewhat decent game. It has a decent goal, but only one stage. (Though, I made two difficulies with it. One easy and one hard.)
It was almost close that I WOULDN'T be able to finish it. I managed to make it into an "application" JUST when it was time to shut everything down and say good bye. IF I had have the time for it I would have gotten it to look alot better than what it does now. But now I didn't have all the time I wanted, so I guess I'll have to be happy with the results.

Let's add some screenshots:

(See that little black text thing with a happy face on it? That's the thing you're suppost to pick up.)

This is basicly what it looks like.
I had to mouse draw everything, which makes it to drawing something that is normally so simple for me will with a mouse take FOREVER to draw. I think I spent a buttload of one lesson (A lesson was around 3 hours.) just to get the character sprite right. THEN I had to animate it. This probably made it so that the character looks alot better than the enviorment, BLERPH.

Anyway! The whole game is kinda like this, Well it was suppost to be like this:
You are a robot named Waltz who lives in a city residented by robots. One day every robot in the city(Excluding Waltz.) managed to get broken, which is quite critical to the city. If every robot in the city is broken they won't be able to get themselves repaired and after a while they will completely break and cease to exist. Waltz, being the only robot that isn't broke and an engineer to boot, goes out on a quest to get the necessary items(Cogs, screws ect.) to fix all the robots in the city.
Though, the robots can't wait forever on being repaired. After a certian time they will pretty much die from their damage. So Waltz have to hurry to get the item needed before any of the robots breaks.

Due to my time limit I had to cut off some thing.
the whole game was going to be alot exploration based(With a time limit) and there would be cogs, screws and machine parts for you to pick up here and there. Sadly I had to make it into a "Get from point A to point B" game, but it became quite alright even with that.
You were also SUPPOST to fight bunny like creatures named Nina/es/or. (One Nina, Several Nines/Ninor.)
I had to cut this out too. It would take too much time programming in a weapon and animating everything. Which kinda makes me sad, I would have loved to include them into the game.

So your only enemy in this game is pretty much the clock.
Like I said before, there is two difficulties in this game. One easy and one hard, the only difference between the difficulties is the amount of time you get to clear the stage.
On easy you are given ALOT of time, you can stand around for quite a while before you have to hurry up and get to the end of the stage.
On hard... Let's just say that you have to hurry.

Anyway, I don't think I have much more to say about the game anymore. I hate to tell everything about a game/book/movie/whatever, It kinda spoils the fun, but I think I've only told everything neciessary.

I have a few concept drawings that I probably should scan in and show, but my computer is so slow and old that it takes a good 10min to get anything properly scanned. So maybe some time later.

I should probably upload the game somewhere to download, but I don't know any good site.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Sandrie's Avatar
    if it's under 200MB, just upload it to mediafire (from 201MB-1 GB use megaupload). It looks really cute though, good job latale!
    Posted 04-30-2011 at 04:10 PM by Sandrie Sandrie is offline
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