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Stuff happens when you're gone...

Posted 03-13-2011 at 09:09 AM by ggstaff
So, Today I got home at last after visting my daddie, stepmum and lil'bro. Though, Something was a bit off from what I was expecting...

When we(My olderbrother and I) came to the airport after around 1 hour flight, I couldn't find my mum or stepdad anywhere. I had really looked forward to see mum saying hi to us and hug her when we came to the airport. I started to think that they maybe had forgotten about us.
It was really odd for me. I know that they would NEVER forget about us... So everything was really odd.
My brother decided to call mum and stepdad and ask why they weren't there.

Apparently mum is at the hospital, with a possibly broken arm.

This hit me like a slap in the face.
We didn't get to know much more than that.
Brother's girlfriend's father was there to give us a ride home.
After being home for a while, settling down and what now I got some more info from my brother who had called stepdad again while walking our dog.

Apparently mum had gotten run over by a moped.

Another slap to the face.
Damn it, can't people around here drive like normal people?

Oh well... Can't stay locked up on this forever. I am worried about mum of course, but worrying won't do me or her any good. So let's talk about something else~

What I've experience while visiting main capital of sweden~:

- My brother and I have been mistaken for being a foreigner two/three time while being there. One time while buying something in a shop and one time while checking my baggage. There was also a lady on the flight that said "Excuse me" to us when she accidently bumped into us. But unlike the others, who DIRECTLY spoke english to us, she corrected herself fairly quickly.
While this is quite hilarious, it also makes me kinda sad. '''orz

- They had a buttload of sushi shops over there. I mean, they were EVERYWHERE. Here at home we have... One sushi shop... Over there, there were sushi shop in every corner.
Drat it Stockholm.

- They drive like crazy over there. We saw people nearly getting in a car crash almost everyday.
Drat it people, DRIVE CAREFULLY.

- Youth over there have no sense of respect for us older more adult people. :[

- Nor does adults. I hate big cities.


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