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Posted 10-18-2010 at 09:23 AM by ggstaff

Yesterday, My stepdad noticed that our beloved old cat was a bit bloody on the tip of his tail. After checking it out, we discovered that a part of his tail was gone. 2-3 cm or so. We couldn't guess what had happened to him. My mum thought that maybe a fox had bitten off his tail. But it would a bit weird, We've never had troubles with any foxes, nor have anyone else here. We came up with all kinds of theories, Until we actually found the tip of his tail. It was bound to a thin thread.
He had apparently gotten caught in a trap.

As far as I know, no one near here have had any animal problems. Neither with rats nor foxes. So WHY would they set up a trap?! (Hey, in our neoighbourhood there lives ALOT of families with children in the age of 0-8. If the trap managed to get that much of my cat's tail, what would have happened if one of the children got a bit too curious? This thought would probably make all the parents in our yard panic.)
Our cat got lucky though, he didn't seem to be in much pain. Heck, it didn't even look like it bothered him. He disliked it though when someone got near the tip of his tail. He bled a little(And left a few blood marks on the floor when he sat/lied down.), but he seemed fine. It ease me to see that he's just fine. It could have been worse, what if he had gotten his pawn stuck in the trap instead?
But it still makes me worried and sad...

In happier news though:
1. Well, prehaps not all too happy. But I had my last gaming cource last week. It was fun, I made a stupid game as a test and I know at least some of the basics.
I got a free game from Nifflan too! \o/ Saira is it's name. Haven't tried it out yet though...

2. I started my new school not too long ago. Kinda fun, kinda boring. I kinda hate all the stuff I'm going to do. I rather want to draw what I want than the stuff I'm told to draw. Blergh...
The only REALLY fun stuff I've done is probably drawing other people with right hand, wrong hand ect without looking at the paper. then take your favorite ones that the other drew of you, take the stuff you like the best out of that and make a big drawing of it. I made myself look like a bird and a lamp! \o/ Makes no sense for you, but it will once you see how the drawings looks like.
The other only fn thing I've done so far is what I do now. I'm making myself a pair of slippers! They're white and have a red ribbon on the side. I'll show you once I'm done with them. (I probably will be tomorrow. Making slippers doesn't take alot of time.)

A kinda bad thing about my new school is that I only have ONE classmate. Would have been nice if she didn't complain, blurt out things and rant so much...
Kinda brings one down...

...Oh, I also have no teacher. I have "an adult that knows alot of stuff"... At least that's what she said that she is...


The new school feels like kindergarten all over again, minus nap time.

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