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This blog post is sponsored by puppies

Posted 08-15-2010 at 12:16 PM by ggstaff

Spoiler warning for those who haven't played Mabinogi~!

So lately I've been playing more Mabinogi(And LaTale.). I haven't played mabinogi much because I HAD NOTHING TO DARN DO. I was stuck on the final part of Gen1 story events, I couldn't do it alone because I would get my ass kicked and most of my lads in the guild were probably too busy with theirs and I didn't want to disturb them. HOWEVER, One guy in the guild(Who I call Evil, He isn't that. The name kinda just... came...) who was kinda enough to do half almost all the dungeons FOR ME. I would have helped him more and such, but due to that I caused him to die about 2 times(He hadn't died since... forever until I came along.) I kinda started to sit by the side to watch him kick ass. (I felt like an ass just sitting there watching him do all the work. But he insisted that he should do it. I really wish I could have done more... '''orz) Though, I started doing the quests around 6pm and we had managed to gather everything we needed around 12 am. YEAH. 6 EFFING HOURS OF DOOM. God it sucked.
Well, 12AM it was time for the FINAL DUNGEON. Which is 6 EFFING FLOORS OF DOOM. At this time I felt stressed out a bit, because it was quite late and I really didn't want my mum on me for staying on the computer for too long. Though, around that time he had to fix his music so I basicly waited for 45 more minutes before he was done. When he was done he told me to do something to make sure my disconnect. I told him that I won't disconnect, I haven't done so in forever. Why would I do it now?
So we at last went to that dungeon after that long wait. When I asked on how long the dungeon would take, he said that it could taken an hour or longer. We went through the whole dungeon, it went somewhat good. He died and I pretty much wasted 2 party feathers on him because I was close in getting killed. Aka, I used one and he got killed a few secounds later. I was lucky that the gargoyle that chased me that time lost interest. FF-
After 2-3 LONG FIRGGIN HOURS we FINALLY got to the boss room. At this point I was REALLY AFRAID, 3 am in the morning and I haven't even got near my bed. My mum was going to rat me off SO BAD if she saw me that time. So I was in a half panic mode and listened closely after movements.
At one point in the fight our badass hero accidently aggroed two of the monsters in the final fight, so they ganged up on him and killed him. He told me to revive him, thought that I should wait until the monsters had moved away from him a bit.
"...Now! : D"
An error have occured with the Client




It was 3AM in the morning, I knew that someone would soon hop out of bed for a toilet break. So I shut down the computer, made myself ready for bed and tried to go to sleep. Half an hour after I went to bed, someone, aka My mum, went to the toilet. I know that because my room is right next to it and I hear everytime someone takes a dump or loose their breakfast. (Mum, stepdad and sis have different sounding steps. This time it was my mum's steps I heard.) Though, My mum rat me out this morning instead about being on the computer that late. Next time I'll ask if we could wait to do the SRS BSNS dungeon the next day.
I also left our dear hero alone and without a note on why I suddenly disappeared, so I was really worried that he would be ape angry with me and would never speak to me again. Luckely, he only swore a couple of times and dragged me back to the dungeon. (Thank god for Goddess pass.) So I eventually got my 1 Gen quests in MAbi done at last, after playing since the CB of the game.

Those who are too lazy to read through my wall of text, DO NOT DESPAIR!
Have a comic version of my main frustration:

And now a word from our sponsor!

Thank you sponsor!

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  1. Joey's Avatar
    Didn't you open the chest on the bottom floor or w/e, the chest that is supposed to give you a pass that drops you directly into the bottom floor?

    Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess - Mabinogi World Wiki

    "After clearing the dungeon up to the 6th floor boss room, you will find a Goddess Pass in a treasure chest, which will let you return to the boss room if you wish to finish the dungeon later. If you use the pass, you will find a treasure chest with a replacement pass upon entering, which means you can attempt the Dark Lord fight as many times as you wish without having to do the dungeon again from the beginning. *Please Note* If you lose the Goddess Pass, you have to do the entire dungeon again from the beginning. "
    Posted 08-20-2010 at 04:41 PM by Joey Joey is offline
  2. LaTale's Avatar
    I was lucky I just did so and got the goddess pass.
    The annoying thing was that I disconnected during the fight and when my comrad had died. I really wanted to finish that fight during that moment and it felt like I had thrown away quite some time when I disconnected.
    Posted 08-21-2010 at 05:25 AM by LaTale LaTale is offline
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