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I hate this week...

Posted 01-12-2010 at 03:18 PM by ggstaff
It's only Tuesday and I'm already sick. So annoyed at this week.

On Sunday, I had some sore throat issues and started to have some issues swallowing or breathing. I took medicine and it was fine at night.

On Monday morning, the sore throat came back along with coughing...Now I'm coughing, can't swallow, and having a hard time breathing sometimes. Stupid medicines didn't work properly.

Now it's Tuesday and I have everything above ALONG with my allergies. Not a great way to start the second week...

To add onto all of that, my parents went back to Taiwan so my mom can't tell me which specific medicine to eat since we have SO many different kinds.
I can call her but there are a few that I can't find around the house.

To make this even more dumber, let's add another issue. Our dang health care provider provided us with the wrong cards [wrong information].
We can't use that card to get verified to see our doctor until they give us the new one. This means I need to rip open every letter that's addressed to my dad to check if they sent it.

I hate this week. .___.

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