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Posted 01-08-2010 at 09:55 AM by ggstaff
It's Friday and that means I lived through the first week of university life again!

I don't know if I should say this but I will anyways. I think my professors are on crack.

My English professor is okay so we can ignore her. We just talk mostly about food since that is the focus for that class.

My Psychology professor is a little...weird, so to speak. On the first day of class, she grouped everyone and made us select between Cow, Chicken, Pig, or whatever barn animals there are.
We had to imitate the animals noise and if she found anyone that wasn't trying, she would send them to the front to do it themselves. At least no one went up.

Another thing is she likes to talk loud and then suddenly talk quietly as to attract our attention. It gets a little annoying since she does it frequently. .___.
Before name calling to check who was in class, she asked if anyone wanted to be called Skater or Spud. I was like "wth?" Apparently her students in past classes liked using that name.
Once we got through the whole list, she called us the 'Nickname class' because so many people didn't use their original name.

My Philosophy professor is...interesting? He literally uses a swear word every two to three sentences, like "[name] was a f- douche for stealing Socrates idea." Sometimes he can go on for long durations before swearing in the sentence.
Like all first days, we went over his syllabus. In literally big text that took up like 1/3 of a page, he gave us a warning:
"If you can be easily disturbed by pornographic, violent, or both-in-one images, I advise you to drop this class.
I will be showing some of these movies that show similarities on the subject."
The reason he gave this warning was because of the past issue. One year he showed this movie without a warning and a student sent him an email. The email said something along the lines of "You scared me for life by showing that movie and now I need to see therapists."

Epic week...epic week...
So I want to fall asleep now but I have class soon.

Watching Food, Inc. at night and then staying up until 4AM to write an essay about it is... ><
Especially if I have to wake up at 7:30AM and then drive on a 50mph street to get to school.

Jeez that movie is freaking me out about food. Watch it if you haven't. It shows things that someone would never expect about food corporations.

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  1. Bob's Avatar
    You may think I'm nuts too, but I like your college professors. Spice up boring college life .
    Posted 01-08-2010 at 01:54 PM by Bob Bob is offline
  2. Bob's Avatar
    Especially the psychology professor. I want an excuse to make animal noises in class
    Posted 01-08-2010 at 01:55 PM by Bob Bob is offline
  3. BriGuy92's Avatar
    Yeah, Food, Inc. was a pretty disturbing movie. Definitely a lot of stuff in there that I never would have thought of, and that I now, having seen it, try very hard not to think of whenever I eat. I suppose it's kind of like eating a hot dog. Everyone knows what goes into hot dogs, but that doesn't stop you from eating hot dogs, as long as you don't think about what's in it.
    Posted 01-10-2010 at 05:27 PM by BriGuy92 BriGuy92 is offline
  4. Chesters's Avatar
    The movie sounds intriguing. But maybe it's best if I don't watch it. ;u
    Posted 01-10-2010 at 09:04 PM by Chesters Chesters is offline
  5. Torikakae's Avatar
    Psychology teachers always play with your mind. The lesson would make so much more sense when you're the one being the guinea pig~

    The changing tone in voice is a Psychology technique. A monotonous tone would quickly give birth to boredom. And with the rampant short attention span....well.....let's just say that you're teacher's a damn good one in this teaching game~

    Want a way to get back? Involve your whole class in this. Pick a side (left or right). Let's say you picked right. When she's on the right side, the whole class should pay attention. When she's on the left half, act disinterested. Eventually move to 1/4 of the board, then to 1/8. By the end of the semester, she'd be squeezing herself on the right side and she won't even notice it~ (It works. Just 2 1/2 weeks we tried it and it worked. Sorry professor ^^)

    Philosophy. That subject is so much fun~ Basically you can prove complete bullshit if you're confident enough. Plus, disturbia is a very effective tool to lead you to question things you always seem to take for granted~

    I like your teachers. You'll have a fun semester, trust me~
    Posted 01-11-2010 at 06:31 AM by Torikakae Torikakae is offline
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