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Harvest mooooon~ I love youuuu~

Posted 12-27-2009 at 08:32 AM by ggstaff

Got Harvest Moon: ToT this christmas. I'm really happy~ It's a good game and I've come to autumn now. Though, one thing kinda hits me off funny. I've been playing some harvest moon games before, like "Friends of Mineral town" and one on the game boy when I was really small. But I've only been able to play as a boy, so after getting the Wii version of Harvest moon, it's the first time for me playing as a girl. Anyway, I've always thought that getting a girl to like you took forever in the other games I played. Can't remember when I married Ann in FoMT, but I know that it took a heck load of time. (I must have been on my 2nd or 3rd year when I married her. Can't remember.) However, in this game. I'm on my first year, It's autumn and I just got married to Jin. WHA
HOW THE HECK DID IT GO SO FAST? Have I been missing alot of changes and stiff since the last time I played harvest moon? (I bought FoMT a bunch of years ago. When did itcome out anyway?) Gwaaarrgghhh....
While talking about Jin, he's the least romantic dude in the whole village. Firefly fastival: "Fireflies comes out at night to avoid [insertthewordIdon'trememeberhere]". Yeah dude, REALLY ROMANTIC. ಠ_ಠ
Also, when I went and pruposed to him, the first thing he said "Not now. I'm busy.". IF THAT'S HOW YOU WANT IT, SO FINE WORK-O-HOLIC. Giving you herbs was just fine a few moments ago. ಠ_ಠ

On my other files I'm planning to merry Julius(Girly fashion guy who's crazy about pumpkins and parfume? He's awesome in my book.) and Chase(GOSH DARN HE'S SO CUUUUUTE). However, I'm yet to know how the heck I'm suppost to make them pop up. Do I need to make more rainbows? Hrrrmmmmm... Gotto search for a guide for this game. I would like to know how they are, but I haven't been able to make them pop up. So whaaaa. ;_;

Other games I got this christmas was Kirby Super Star Ultra and Chrono Trigger. I've played some Kirby but I'm yet to test out CT. Kirby is awesome and is perfect to play when you need to kill time. <3

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  1. LilPhenyl's Avatar
    I'm more partial to Rune Factory, but I do enjoy some cute bishies regardless of the game. Manly men are better, though.
    Posted 12-28-2009 at 09:39 PM by LilPhenyl LilPhenyl is offline
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