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Today I learned...

Posted 11-09-2009 at 09:48 PM by ggstaff
...about "What is Sexuality: Sex & the Sociological Imagination" and "Pornography."
I'm tired of constantly editing my images so I decided to write about this.

You might be thinking "What the hell am I taking." It's a pretty simple one worded answer. Sociology.

We were talking about how people have sex with whom varies by time and place.
The main focus around this was the U.S. Prison System. The ideology of male hormones being high without females around, which causes the problem of rape within the same gender.

Now about pornography. We didn't talk much about it today. The only thing we got to was the question of "Which of these statements come close to your feelings about pornography laws?"
The answer?
  • Illegal to all: 39.7%
  • Illegal under 18: 55.3%
  • Legal: 5.0%
Yea...I just had to talk about this since I would have never imagined a class talking about this. You would have thought we would be more excited to talk about this but we were dead. It's Monday okay. >:

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  1. mm givs a tennager sumethin to think about
    Posted 11-09-2009 at 10:04 PM by Rex Rex is offline
  2. Griever's Avatar
    Why would anyone ban pornography? Pr0n was the leading cause of my teenage insomnia before I got to college. I guess that would be the one bad thing about it.
    Posted 11-09-2009 at 10:20 PM by Griever Griever is offline
  3. Globalastro's Avatar
    I would loved to have seen those percentages broken up in men and women too.

    Although it's a taboo subject to talk about and many are too immature or uncomfortable about it to talk about it even those who regularly watch it, it is an amazingly diverse and intriguing subject.

    let me know how that lesson set goes (assuming the whole course isnt on this topic)
    Posted 11-09-2009 at 11:10 PM by Globalastro Globalastro is offline
  4. LaTale's Avatar
    Why not make masturbation illegal while we're at it? c:
    Posted 11-10-2009 at 02:35 AM by LaTale LaTale is offline
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