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Sigh, Curse the Holidays

Posted 10-20-2009 at 01:15 PM by Yuki
I love fall and winter, because that's when most of the important holidays comes around, Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Years. But one of the things I hate about these two seasons, is that it's also flu season. I've caught one of them and zomgs. I've gotten better, but still getting the sniffles, and the nonstop coughs. Although, I love it how I can sneeze. :] I hate it when you have a sneeze that is just stuck there and won't come out.

I've missed an entire week of class, and it's like ZOMGS PLEASE DON'T DROP ME ;o; My classes all had very strict rules about attendance, and I was so scared to go back to school because I'd thought they would give me an earful about being absent all week. Fortunately, nothing happened :]

I've gotten my check, and I'm trying not to spend any of it, but that failed, I already spent 700$ ;o; Now I'm hoping that I'll have enough money to buy what I need for my computer.

I'm still wondering whether or not I should still build my own desktop, or go ahead and buy a pre-made one and just pump it up. I've done some research, I am dead-set on getting the Core i7... and I've found one for a pretty reasonable price, but now my problem is the system, with the motherboard, and everything else, I can afford, it's just the system that costs about 1.3k ;o;

I was also thinking of putting aside 500$ so I can re-organize my room, I need a new bed, and a new computer desk, but I'll be moving out in two years or so, so maybe I'll just wait until then.

Wellll, that's all that really has been going on and that's all I shall write about. Lols, on another note, I'm pretending I'm taking notes in class when I'm just babbling about my life ;o;

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