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Blood on my hands

Posted 10-12-2009 at 09:33 AM by ggstaff

I've got blood on my hands
A hole in my heart
I'm afraid of my thoughts and
I'm falling apart
I'm surrounded by fear
Stuck in despair
And if I make it from here I'll be good, I swear
I'm dreaming away
I'm making excuses
Somebody said I'm totally useless
Give me a reason, give me a sign
Something to stop me from loosing my mind
- Numb - Alice in videoland

Sorry, but I think of that song whenever I read "Blood on my hands".
I was painting a vase earlier today that I'm gonna give to my mum as a christmas present or birthday present. I decided to paint it red. Because my mum loves christmas and she LOVES to put up every little christmas thing in the house every where. It's not in a mess though, my mum knows where to place things to make it look good. So inside our house it looks alot christmasish, it smell pretty good and christmas song is singing out from our stereo. Pretty cozy actually. Enough about that, I painted it red because mum usually decorate out living room in red, so I though prehaps I should make it red and it would fit perfectly in into the living room. The vase is painted and I'm thinking of making some "frost" on it so it will feel more winterish. Though, after painting it red(with a sponge actually.), I had red paint all over my hands. Postly around the left hand, but my "pointer" and middle finger tip were covered in a wine red colour. I couldn't get it off my fingers either. It looked pretty much like I've had a nosebleed and forgot to wash away the blood. I actually wondered if someone would ask if I've had a nosebleed or something on the way home on the bus. Later during dinner my stepdad did ask if I've had a nosebleed or something.
It made me laugh~

I think firefox dislikes me, either that or that my computer is just really sucky.
I don't know when it started, but it was a while ago. Firefox have been freezing for me pretty often. Sometimes just a couple of minutes apart. Pretty annoying, specially when you write/watch/listen to something. Grrrr. But I've gotten used to it so whenever it happens I get a book/listen to something on iTunes/play something/draw something. Just for some minutes ago firefox crashed for me, for the first time. _ Pretty annoying... Gotto investigate this...

I might as well say before I finish this blog entry that I've tested "Touhou 06: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil". I can say that I'm not very goot at it. But it's going forward. Still haven't cleared easy mode. Sakuya kinda kicks my butt whenever I come to her last fight... ;w;
I also tested Lunatic just for the lulz. I died at Crino. But that's pretty good for a Touhou noob, no?
Fun fun fun~ But oh so hard hard hard~

Now I have to go and do the Dishes.

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