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Another Week

Posted 10-02-2009 at 03:19 AM by Yuki
Lately, I've been doing absolutely nothing during the weekends. Main reason, no money. Loools. Well that, and because I just don't have any plans. I seem to be really tired lately, I guess it's just because of school. I have a Political Science midterm next week, and I feel that I won't be doing too well. But meh, I'll just wing it like I always do and see what happens :]

Sooo, I've been getting these horrible nose clogs. XD I always need a pack of tissues at hand to blow my nose, or I can't breathe; it's ridiculous. I've been coughing like no tomorrow too, I'm hoping I won't catch anything serious.

I finally got my Halloween outfit together, and I'm ready to go Trick-or-Treating. The only problem now, is when to go. I plan on going to Disneyland's Mickey's Trick-or-Treat event. The problem now, is worrying about how early I should arrive to actually get tickets to get in, since I plan on going on the 31st D; It sucks how they won't let us buy it online ]: So wish me luck with that. XD The outfit cost me 50$, but I had to buy other essentials for it, like leggings, hairband, and I had to buy some gel pads for my high heels, since I plan on going in high heels, in which I HATE walking in; but it fits in with my outfit so D; I'm hoping the gel pads will work, I'll just bring my sandals in case :]

It's currently 3AM, and omgawd. I'm so tired, but I feel horrible. I drank some meds, but I don't think it's helping. Maybe I'll just lay down, listen to some music, and then try to fall asleep.

Good night/morning everyone ;D

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