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Field trip of doom, and homework orz

Posted 09-30-2009 at 06:43 PM by Gladiat
Title says it all

I'm being swarmed with homework every day. When one class gives barely any work, another one takes a great big dump on my head and sends me home with 3 hours of homework due the following day ._.

But good thing! I got to go to the zoo two days ago ^o^/

Downside to that: We had to do an assignment worth 80 marks... and we had around 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish -_-;

Our teacher told us to go around and read the signs about the animals, and answer the questions according to the signs. We thought it wouldn't be that hard... how horribly wrong we were.

Me and my friends ended up running around the zoo for the whole time, and we had to go into the most remote corner of the zoo that didn't look like anyone went in there for years!

Eventually... we got lost, and we nearly missed the bus Until we found another group walking back down a path and we ran down it faster than the cart driving down it (We probably all could have earned the gold, silver and bronze medals in the Olympics. It was like a horse stampede).

When we got back, the teacher told us that if we had completed a reasonable amount, then we would get full marks for it. We had the most questions done (Like 68/80 -_-) but we still got 80/80 (Group with the 2nd most questions done had like 37...)

I fear my school now

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