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Flat Muffin

Posted 09-21-2009 at 07:56 AM by ggstaff
Updated 09-21-2009 at 11:17 AM by LaTale

They've stopped serving corn in my school.
I weep. TwT
I WANT MY CORN! -addicted-

I was going to write a little bit earlier. But, whenever I tried to start writing, something would always make me stop and "lose my thread". I seriously need to learn HOW to concentrate on just one thing. I always have ALOT of stuff going on and I simply can't concentrate on one thing. Right now I'm fixing around on photoshop, Audicity, playing LaTale and watching Cat face on youtube. (Plus that I'm right now on a bunch of other sites... and having about 4 /ggFTW! flaps up right now.) I always have to have something to do I think... <_> Plus that I have bunch of unfinished stuff that I need to finish... that I started on for like a month ago...
B> Motivation

Today when I was randomly looking around on Nico Nico Dougha, I found a rather cute anime. I normally don't watch anime, but I thought why not and started to watch it.
IT'S WAS SO CUUUUTE~ It's only in japanese though and I haven't found a sub version yet... But it's still pretty cute~ And pretty weird... I think it's named "Ontama!"(おんたま!)... Anyway(I'm mostly guessing here, I barely know any japanese. But I'm guessing on what I've seen and such.), it's about a girl named Ichigo, she lives with her mother and father and have a bunch of nice friends. However, she despite her father. He always seems so grumpty and always fights with her mum. He doesn't seem to care so much about Ichigo either. She wish she had a father that didn't fight with her mother and cared about her. One day after being with her friends, she sits alone on a swing and cries. She's looking on a photo of her mother when she was younger and a guy her mother knew back then. Suddenly a weird dude with wings pops up behind her and takes her to a weird bus...

I'll stop telling there. As I said, I barely know any japanese so this is just what I've snapped up while watching it. But I thought it was cute, and a bit weird~ I've only found 3 episodes though. I can't wait for more. It's so cute~
Why am I watching it...?

I found some english stuff about it! Huzza Google!
"Ichigo is a little girl who is distressed by the failing relationship between her mother and father (who is actually her step-father).((HA THOUGHT SO!)) After school one day she meets a driver of a magical bus and finds herself taking a ride in the bus. The bus transports her to the past to shortly after her mother and real father met. Perhaps she is meant to do something that will help her parents stay together and love one another further into the future."
Taken from here.

I was pretty good at guessing, hm? ;D

I wish I had more to write about, but nothing exciting ever happens here. I've pretty much only slep through my lessons in school, being gumpty about the bus and having nosebleeds.

Ps, about the titel. I found my chocolate muffin that my mum bought for me last friday in my bag. It was pretty flat, but it still tasted pretty good. It kinda tasted like banana though... <_>

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