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Sigh the Weekend

Posted 09-20-2009 at 04:55 PM by Yuki
Updated 10-02-2009 at 03:20 AM by Yuki
What a slow weekend. Lols, I did nothing but stayed at home and learned how to twirl a pen around my thumb. I whacked myself in the face a couple of times, but lold.

I was trying to get the groove to come on and play Trickster and work on my new character, because I accidentally opened up a Back to School box, and there was a 3 day booster ]: But sadly, I didn't feel like playing, so there goes a booster.

The cannon event on LaTale is amazing. Lols. Being the lazy person that I am, and not in the mood to play, it's awesome to just sit there and get EXP. It's sorta annoying finding a good channel to sit though ;o; It's a good and bad thing I guess. I'm working on my engineer, and because I've been sitting her at the cannon, I never did the quests lools. Crap =_= Trying to get her to 40, so I can AFK my explorer to get to 80.

I think it's because of the weather lately in SoCal, but I'm getting uberly sick; and zomgs a warning of Santa Ana Winds ;o

I have class tomorrow, and it's just another week. I have like 2 exams on Weds, oh dear. I have a feeling I'm going to fail.

Welp, that's all that really happened this week/weekend. So rawrs. Boredom ftw.

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