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I think.

Posted 09-07-2009 at 05:37 AM by Shiki
Updated 09-07-2009 at 12:05 PM by Shiki
I be using the staff blog to post some things I've cooked.

For today, it's the Oneh Oneh.
It's a Malaysian/Nonya/Peranakan snack made from glutinous rice flour and gula Meleka
I didn't measure anything,because I made this from 4 years ago on my second Home Economics class,so I'll just post the pictures of what I did a couple of days ago.

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Posted in Shikisaurus Food
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  1. LaTale's Avatar
    ...That actually looks kinda yummy... I want to do eeet... ;o;

    Ps. The first pic reminded me of the clay I used to play with in daycare.
    It tasted awful, Salty. XwX
    Posted 09-07-2009 at 08:18 AM by LaTale LaTale is offline
  2. Shiki's Avatar
    It's actually a very easy to do snack,and I think you can get recipes just googling Oneh Oneh; Basically rice flour,gula meleka,hot water,colouring/pandan leaves. Don't know if the stuff will be available in your country though. XD

    I didn't think about take pictures until I kneaded and kneaded and saw 'GREEN RIPPLES'

    My phone got very cake-ey after the whole cooking thingy. D;.
    Posted 09-07-2009 at 12:03 PM by Shiki Shiki is offline
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