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Shaz posted on the ggstaff \o/

Posted 08-22-2009 at 05:40 PM by ggstaff
But we know he doesn't have any idea on blogs. So.... I might as well say random moments I've experienced in my time during the Some-Mur.

~Look where you're going~
I smashed into the wall the other day. It was completely unintentional, my hallway was completely dark and I was in a rush to get into the room with a computer. I took a 90-degree turn and jumped forward. I smashed into a wall. My brother was on the other side of the wall, but didn't do anything (was I ignored? ;_

Lesson learned: Walls hurt.

~Chairs are comfy~
I recently bought a new chair! I no longer have to sit on a broken one, and this one has wheels! Sadly, on the same day, I wanted to stretch, due to fatigue. I leaned back, and I leaned too far! The back or neck or whatever of the chair snapped. I didn't fall though, I quickly retreated forward! I wanted to switch back to my old chair for maybe 30 seconds.

Lesson learned: Chairs are nice, but they make Shaz feel unsafe when leaning back.

~Sharing is Caring~
I went to Staples Business Depot to buy stuff for school (Back-To-School Sale). It was clear I didn't have to buy anything when I see my brother buy at least two of everything. I didn't even have to pay! Instead, I decided to check EB-Games for any fabulous PS3 Games. Sadly, it was until after I tried purchasing when I realized, all the games I wanted were rated M (are you kidding me? D. We went home after, and my brother asked me:

"So, what did you buy?"

I was shocked, didn't he buy my share? Well, in reality, he wanted to buy more for himself because he loses things easily. I sighed after hearing the truth.

Lesson learned: Buy your own darn school supplies D:

Oh, and I forgot to buy Erasers, darn...

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