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Review: LaTale (Freezi)

Posted 02-17-2009 at 06:26 AM by Freezi
Updated 02-17-2009 at 07:14 AM by Freezi

Taken from the official site:

[I]In this tale, though, the story of adventure and discovery that unfolds all revolves around you.

The word "La" is a bit trickier. La is a word, but it is also a musical note and much more.
Likewise, La Tale is rich with beautiful music, art, and storytelling.

Together, La Tale becomes an incredible journey across strange and beautiful lands,
tying together swords, sorcery, science, art, music, and much more.

This tale began with Iris Livier. Now, the journey to uncover the mystery of Iris has become your story.[/I]

LaTale is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG like MapleStory and WindSlayer. The global version currently features 4 classes and 8 different jobs. The maximum level is 200 and you can change your job at level 80.


Some people still compare LaTale to MapleStory but the gameplay is really different. On your way to level 200 you will find many helpful quests which make the grind a lot easier as in MapleStory.
Quests are given out by the NPCs which are located in towns. Beginner quests aren’t a big help in terms of XP but you will not need them anyway since the first 20 levels come really fast. At level 25 quests begin to become interesting.
You get your first skill and your first weapon by level 3. Weapons and equipment raise every 10-15 levels. Every 20 levels you can learn a new active skill and there are a lot of passive skills and buffs which you can learn in between.
To learn a skill you have to buy it first and the higher the level requirement is, the higher the cost for a skill is.
The gameplay of LaTale is pretty simple but can be lots of fun. You go to a town which fits to your level, get yourself a quest, kill some monsters and / or collect their loot, turn in the quest, rinse and repeat. Doesn’t sound fun? Well most of the time it actually is.

[SIZE="1"]Grinding in a party allows you and your friends to share EXP[/SIZE]

You get new monsters every 5-10 levels and you see a lot of different places. Only problem is the gap in quests that appears around level 60. There are basically no quests which will help you to get to level 80. But as soon as OGPlanet releases the Saurus field, this will change. If you are not into grinding then you can always go to PvP, craft your own items and weapons or do some boss runs for money and equips.

[SIZE="1"]Boss fights with a group of friends are always fun![/SIZE]

Killing monsters and chaining up your combos gets really fun as soon as you are at level 40.
If you have a nice guild to talk to or nice friends to hang with you are definitely going to have some decent fun.

[SIZE="1"]The higher the combo, the more EXP you get.[/SIZE]

There a cash shop in LaTale (of course) but it doesn’t really make your character stronger. So there isn’t a big gap between free and paying players.

Overall GamePlay rating: 8/10 [/B][/COLOR]

Well, LaTale is a 2D side-scrolling game so you shouldn’t expect really cool graphics. But as you can see on the screenshots, LaTale really offers much in terms of different location and monster.
The character customization also offers a lot. When you leave the beginner town you will rarely see any character looking like another one.

[SIZE="1"]The fashion shop lets you costumize your character however you want[/SIZE]

The monsters are cute, funny and well animated.
Actoz also put a lot of detail onto the equipment and weapons. Every new piece of equipment will change your characters look (If you are not wearing fashion items).
Most of the skills have some pretty cool effects so you can say that LaTale really did much with what a 2D environment offers.

[B][COLOR="Lime"]Overall Graphics rating: 6.5/10[/COLOR][/B]


The global version of LaTale is published by OGPlanet. Other games published by OGPlanet are: Rumble Fighter, Cabal Online and BB Tanks. OGPlanet updates the game every 2 weeks and usually adds new maps or features during their updates. There have been updates which are related to the cash shop only, though. In the last few updates OGP started many events with cash shop prizes and double or 1.5x EXP events.
As mentioned before, the cash shop in LaTale doesn’t really make your character stronger. Most items in the so-called fashion shop are for looks only. Other items let you warp to save points from everywhere, raise your EXP gain or raise your drop rate. Pets are only purchasable in cash shop, too. Those pets can enhance your characters stats and they will loot items for you once they reach level five.
Overall, OGP does a pretty good job. The non-cash and cash players are balanced (at least in PvP, of course cash players can level faster due to (small) EXP bonuses), updates happen on a regular base and the customer support replies in a 24h span.

[COLOR="Lime"][B]Overall Publisher rating: 8.5/10[/B][/COLOR]


Basically there are two communities in the global LaTale: The ones who hang out in the MMOG forum and the ones who hang out in the Official forum. The MMOG LaTale playerbase is usually helpful and very friendly. When you post at MMOG on a regular base, the other members will hunt you down in LaTale and make screenshots of you, talk to you and help you with whatever they can.

[SIZE="1"]Elias, the main town, is always packed in Channel 1[/SIZE]

Players who do not use the MMOG forum are somewhat different. Some of them can be really nice, others may appear a little arrogant or childish. If you have a nice guild, you will always have people to talk to. If you don’t like someone you can put him on ignore, if you like someone put him on you friendlist. Still, the official forums aren’t really usable. There is a lot of spam and lots of flamewars going on.

[COLOR="Lime"][B]Overall Community rating: 6/10[/B][/COLOR]


LaTale’s soundtrack pretty much sounds like every other F2P asian-styled MMORPG’s soundtrack. You can download it here ([URL=""]LaTale Soundtrack[/URL]) if you want to listen to it. There is a large selection of different BGM’s which always fit to the location you are currently at. I usually play those games with sound off anyway so I can’t really tell you what is good or not.

[COLOR="Lime"][B]Overall Soundtrack rating: 7/10[/B][/COLOR]

[B][SIZE="3"]Unique features:[/SIZE][/B]

This is the point where LaTale shows its best side. There is a large variety of features which can be found in other games. Some of them may be in other games but I do not know a F2P game with that many (free) features. You can enhance your equipment by enchanting stats on it, change your look to make your character look like no other, craft your own weapons / equipment, change your hair and eyes, fight other characters in PvP (FFA, or Group vs. Group), have your own guilds room (not in the global version yet) and much more I may already have forgotten about it!
There really is enough to do in LaTale and you don’t always have to grind just to have fun. The large variety of (unique) features really is what makes LaTale so special compared to other games.

[COLOR="Lime"][B]Overall unique features rating: 9.5/10[/B][/COLOR]


LaTale is a game you should definitely try out if you are into 2D side-scrolling games. I personally think you should even try it out if you are NOT into those kind of games, because LaTale has so much to offer and there should be something for everyone. Even just changing your level 1 character’s look can be a lot of fun (and of course, will cost you a few bucks…). There may be some downsides like the lag for European players or the fact that some of the features are only available by using the cash shop (some of the cash shop items are tradeable btw) but this game is still worth playing.

[B]Overall rating: [/B]
[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Lime"][B]7,8 / 10[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Gameplay: 8 (45%)
Graphics: 6.5 (20%)
Publisher: 8.5 (10%)
Community: 6 (10%)
Soundtrack: 7 (5%)
Unique Features: 9.5 (10%)

Useful Links:

[URL=""]LaTale Wiki[/URL]
[URL=""]LaTale Forum[/URL]
[URL=""]Official Site[/URL]


This is the first english review I have ever written about a game. Please use the comments to give me your suggestions and suscribe this blog if you liked it.

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  1. NoeJeko's Avatar
    I'll break the ice here. Good review on the game; definitely very comprehensive. I hope that we have more to follow.
    Posted 02-26-2009 at 08:29 PM by NoeJeko NoeJeko is offline
  2. Kukiko's Avatar
    ^ I thought they only added new maps or features every month v_v"
    They do server maintenance every week and we begin hoping for too much I suppose xD
    Posted 02-26-2009 at 10:34 PM by Kukiko Kukiko is offline
  3. Freezi's Avatar
    Well, they used to update the game pretty often in the beginning... Now its on a monthly base only, yeah.
    Posted 03-13-2009 at 08:12 AM by Freezi Freezi is offline
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