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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Thinking of moving my TO blog to Tumblr.

Posted 10-03-2011 at 07:42 PM by Gaap
Yea. I have lost my motivation to write blogs now. Even though Rydia still keeps her spirit in making a TO blog, I guess I don't... Yet I still want to post, but maybe in a picture-only blog-spam. Like Tumblr.

So I have been thinking. Because one of the few active RP blogs I lurk (Sorry Jessica! ;; ) is back, I want to "Follow" her. But I don't have a Tumblr. And I want to make my Tumblr blog useful as an all-in-one "social site" from me (posting stuff) to you (the viewer, commentor, Liker, etc.).

I jolt down the idea I want to post:
  • Trickster screenshots (like the Rydia tradition)
  • Picspam
  • Reblog from various stuff I follow (role-players, ask-blogs, people I admire, etc.)
  • Other crap I can't think of.
  • And occasional text to go along with the picture if mostly desired.

Now I can go make mine right now... But two things I really, REALLY need:
  1. A pre-made theme that is EASY to fix. Because of college, I do not want to spend like the rest of my entire night coding this monster. I am a graphical person and I always like to insert artwork, so a code that can replace pictures/pieces of the layout in simple steps will make my life easier. I tried to look for Tumblr themes, but most of them... I don't know if I can handle that in my resting hours.
  2. A digital-colored picture of my fursona, Tiana Rabi. She has gone through a make-over to my liking.... And so far I enjoyed this one-of-a-kind look for a fictional character.. I just don't have time to digi-cell it! If anyone wants to draw Tiana for a big sum of Trickster galders, drop by a PM and show me your sample work!

Yes. Planning stage atm. If anyone wants to help me make my dream Tumblr layout come true, drop by a comment or PM! ATM i'm waiting for the SotW theme...

- Timer Rabbit

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  1. Ayumi's Avatar
    If you need tips on themes and codes, you can ask me. :3

    I have a lot of bookmarks and suggestions.
    Posted 10-06-2011 at 03:13 AM by Ayumi Ayumi is offline
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