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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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[Non-TO] Is it hard to love back?

Posted 07-29-2011 at 01:07 AM by Gaap
I have been in this personal drama bits over the past few days and since yesterday after Eden Eternal.

I don't know how to say this nor I will mention him.. But I guess like every other girl, it's hard to share the attention back to her love. Even if just started as very close friends at the internet, I felt like I am the most stupidest girl ever. I don't think straight nor can read any ones mind.

Even though I do not want to call him the "boy friend", the person I talked is a kind gentleman, but we are very far appart, let alone I think my "love" bits is getting way to far. I was supposed to keep them locked so I can focus on other things.

As I write this, I guess I felt even more stupider because of my inner pleasure taking over. Why is my feminine side acting like this!

So yea. While I have no clue on how to keep my guild steady, I am thinking of handing down the guild leadership (Witch) title on TO and temporary leave... Possibly to find another guild I want to try. (Possibly the new brony-proof guild.) But I really hate to break every member's hearts.

I guess I hate being a female who thinks like a man when I see hentai bits.


BTW, I'm also thinking of moving the TO blog to Tumblr. I pretty much got bored of writing a general blog. I will still write Twitter-like bits and post pictures. My sis has it and says it's addicting. So... *Pony shrug*

- Timer

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