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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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GA-GA-OH-RARA! I want your Trick-Romance!

Posted 06-08-2011 at 04:30 PM by Gaap
Sorry. My mind is full of Lady Gaga thanks to Bad Romance being played earlier at one of the college magazine parties.

ANYWAY! I've been busy or side-tracked that I have little time (or plain lazy) to post my blog!

But let's face it, there is nothing interesting episode-wise lately in Trickster.

So let's see what I can cover...


  1. Carnivele set.. Not much. I even have to NPC all of the gears afterwards 'cause I do not need them. Kept the two spare pets though.
  2. Trainer Jan... OH MY GOD! I can't believe I spent 100mil for that little monster! Why do I even buy her when her sprite is not well-made! Well, I guess the only excuse is to add up to my bunny-girl collection. I'm not getting May because she's a black-haired recolor of Jan.
  3. Singha the Redeemed! I was pretty lucky in Gacha for the last several months for Azhi the Redeemed (1st release)! I failed to get Lina though. I'm planning to give my last spare to Manda's husband for his early/belated Birthday soon... (Oh and these special Tricksters are going to be RL parents! 8D)
  4. Marin, Ester, and Yupika... And the rest of the Gacha pets... I'll talk about them shortly.
  5. Tacky pet! Actually I hold on to him until his inflated price goes up more so I can earn back the Galders I spent for Trainer Jan! He's cute and all, but I think he deserves a better owner/fangirl...
  6. Starlight Set. I can't even get Jen the Fallen. But hey- I got the complete gears! Hunter Poppuricia 'cause she's blue.

Now for my adventures in Gacha... I forgot to SS the one with Redeemed Singha, but he's a lucky fellow that I got TWO of him! But I donated one to Manda 'cause she deserves more cute pets for a upcoming mother of a cute RL daughter. *o*

Then later TO just have to pull a early Summer Gacha All Star event and I'M MISSING THE DARN STELLA!

I have more than that, but I did pull the most flashy shop and sold pets for cheep 'cause I do not believe in inflation. If anyone can provide books, I will sell the pet to you for 5mil!

Now... The in-game content. Again my episode fantasy is put on hold due to focusing on MyShop (filler) and if possible: Events. Even the Karu one is "meh". I don't need a iPad either. (At least not right now unless I can download Jubeat.)

But eTO finally pulled out the Snow Hill update! So Gaap and Jessica looked around the sights of the new attraction covered in fake snow!

And more animal abuse at Cabala Island!

And I like the NPC "Xote". For a little fairy, he had a crush on Kyu, which all Trickster should know that he's a trap... To bad we can't knock some senses of that little fella...

Oh yea...! Like Rydia at her blog, I am very hyped to see all of my favorite hats show-able with animal-ears! So yes yes yes!

And double-luck with Blood-hunting, even though it's a Mark...

Another 40mil for it! Woo! (Yes again I do not believe in inflated prices. The only price I accept is the Blood Sword, which I havn't got a drop yet...)

To end, if anyone of you miss this scammer scenario... Someone tried to impersonate me, but failed (besides, Jess was AFK). I just have to pull a Gaap thing out!

'Kay i'm done~ *Bobs away with Bad Romance on*

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