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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Wrapping Winter 2011 of Trickster!

Posted 02-27-2011 at 08:07 PM by Gaap
Updated 02-27-2011 at 08:09 PM by Gaap
Yes. It's been since late Janurary and the entire February of NOT making a TO entry. Because Spring semester is coming, I may forget to make a entry! So it's best if I go wrap this up now!

I'll go by the MyShop patches and their dates...

"The Vampire Hunter" Jacob Slayer patch (JAN.19.2011~FEB.9.2011)

When you first thought of the name chioce "Jacob Slayer", you will get this hint of feeling that Twilight is going everywhere in every online entertainment. Well I wish Taro would NOT ever mention that reference because he killed my ideal vampire-hunter coolness.

Anyway I only bought one lolbox and got the hat. (Sold that bad boy later for a decent price.)

I bought the fused Jacob Slayer pet later because I used the Candy to warp Aubrey 140's stats.

So long Sheryll Nome wanna-be image! She's cool, but can get boring. I can find a Aubrey pet fuse later if I want. (Since she must have been farmed alot thanks to the 4th aniv. lolboxes.)

Also with that news, I got myself a Cheerleader Stella VR because she carries a rare stat: WT. Get her to T4 and she can gift you 3k extra WT! So I got her and reserved her until the day she grows up to T4...

BTW she's worth 14 Bonus Eggs. So if you spent so much MS and got those eggs, for the gods get the pet before she's gone next month (March)!

"Spells of Love" Love Demon Minaris patch (FEB.9.2011~FEB.23.2011)

Ooh! Valentines Day! Unfortunately i'm in no lovey-dovey mood as i'm still single... Anyway, goodies! Events!

For the event, it's kind of cute that Favian is hoping that Vinosh will give him chocolates this year... But since i'm such a derp, i'm not sure if that goes well for him...

This event took me a whole day, as you have to go dig up "lolboxes" that contain chocolate (one of them is needed for that Tourist guy), as well carries "Rose Faeries" and "Love Hunter" pets.

I did not get the skill card, but a friend of mine gifted me one, so that's all cool. I don't really care for it anyway. As for the pets... I'll hold on to them for maybe *~M.C.~*'s next nubbie-helping hand event. (I really want to donate these pets to new players who want to upgrade their Baby Animal pets, so eya. )

I do get food-based V-Day equips after the event, but that will be posted at the next patch...

Outside of the V-Day love, I got gifted Pts to work on Cheerleader Stella V4, as well her needs:

Good WT and AP-comps, I think she became my new perma PvM pet. Sorry Semisweet Chocolatto 250!

So my leftover Pts goes to the Minaris lolboxes and...

Staff and PET. I am so happy that I got a sexy MA pet! It's a boo-boo that I did not get the cape or the other pretty gears from more lolboxes to complete the set.. Let alone i'm not rich in Fantasia. Oh well.

"The Drake is Back!" Azhi the Drake (FEB.23.2011~MAR.16.2011)

Yay! Where we are standing right now! I want some of the Azhi boxes onto my Sheep, but I gotta wait or avoid the entire thing. I could use a new cape for LevianSakamoto.

Oh and new Gacha with Lethos. I know Taro wants him. (And Azhi so he can get the acc.)

Onto this, this patch is "White's Day", a holiday in Japan where guys make gifts to their female loved ones in exchange for their V-Day gifts! Unfortunately the gift Vinosh has from Favian thinks it's from someone else...

Anyway, pretty equips, but ANYTHING from jTO removes the animal ears! D: Even the cute headbands.. God why.

SS1: Valentine Sweets equips. SS2: Sweet/Candy (White's Day) set?

It's so-so, but i'll try to make a profit out of them later. But i've been lazy to transfer them. :\

Hopefully or maybe i'll make a new entry on the update with me and Azhi boxes. That is all for now!

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