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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Timer's List of Recomended StepMania Simfile Artists

Posted 02-26-2011 at 06:59 PM by Gaap
Hello! Sorry that I have not post any new Trickster-related entries so far. I don't know, but I never encounter anything interesting other than events or MyShop items. But i'll get right to it ASAP!

This entry will be different, as I will be listing a few links of StepMania artists or song packs that I would recommend, as I have them in my StepMania game! So shall we start?
  • DMAxel's Original Simfiles - One of my well-known sim-artists since back when BemaniStyle was fresh. He has improved a lot on a ton of Bemani crossovers and originals! What's cool about him is that he's still one of the living artists who will accept a simfile request from his customers! Just make sure you check and see if he's open... You can check his request/updates thread here! For the Trickster (Japan) fans, he has "Treasures!!!" by Sphere and "Magic Spell" by Ryoko Shintani up in his database!
  • Guardian Frozen (pack) - This pack had a good quality of Voaloid (and covers) as well some anime remixes (Umineko FTW!). Some files are a bit tricky at Challenge, but that should last some play-time if you are looking for a AA on his tricky Challenges!
  • Pika-Vix's Simfiles - One of the few surviving aritsts from FFR (Flash Flash Revolution) before quitting FFR 'cause they removed the simfile database... His GFX aren't DDR-quality, but his steps should be fun and straight-forward. If you like that kind of stuff and as well dance, house, bubble-gum pop, etc... Them get them!
  • Hiro Konobu's Simfiles - If you like fighting games, Touhou, or Bemani songs, then this guy is for you. It's just a friend recomendation and because I DID THE GRAPHICS! He does accept requests, but mostly from friends~
  • Timer Rabbit's simfiles - Yep! Those are my works until I got retired from making them! All of them are not the best, but they are paddable and somewhat ready for ITG R21-ready. I usually make some Bemani songs, but as well original songs that "have never" been stepped yet. My latest work of 2011 is "The Sound Above my Hair" by Scooter. (So pick that up!) I think my famous and loved simfiles are "Castles in the Sky" and "Fairy Reflection".
  • nDDRo (pad project) - I don't have alot of each and every artist's songs, but they are pad-quality as well you can be lucky to find Exit Trance remixes to uhhh... Caramelldansen. (Which I find their version the best!)
  • pop'n mix (Super_Ray's simfiles) - Few words: Good if you are a Pop'n Music fan and that his files are good for the pad!
  • cpubasic13's Simfiles - He is not kidding when he claims to be a good artist. Most songs are hardcore/j-pop based, but there are other songs too (including a Touhou cover). Without the nadeco files I wouldn't be interested in downloading his stuff. :V
  • Dancing WipEout ParadisE (pack) - If you are looking for a more DDR-feel (and that they can be ported to ITG R21-ready), then you will enjoy his on-going pack! (WipEout is also a online musician, so bare with him!)
  • Gpop's Touhou Pad Pack - Great for the Touhou fans! R21-ready with semi-tricky steps at harder difficulty! Carries Touhou favorites (like "Marisa Stole the Precious Thing") to well.. Just try the pack if you are passionate enough. The link provided is my mirror, as the original link provided by Gpop died a long while ago.
  • mintmania - One of the oldest R21-ready pack I saved. "mintmania" carries some anime, Touhou, and gaming tracks. From what I know, this pack was used on ITG tournaments, which you can see some videos of players playing some of it's songs. (I also provided the Megaupload link...)

And I think that is it for now. Enjoy the links!

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