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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Wrapping up Trickster 2010!

Posted 01-19-2011 at 09:56 PM by Gaap
Yea. I havn't posted in a while. There is nothing interesting coming up over the past patches. So i'll try to get this in order...

In order:
  • My Diva at Lvl 190s and decide to get the Child's Play cape for that good cause!
  • Best Man Arinel pet gift from Settie! <3
  • Santa Vinosh, but I did not keep her after the new patch came out (and needed Galders, plus her rarity price rose up)!
  • X-Mas 2010 Equips and Year of the Hare pet. (Both from X-Mas and New Years events!)
  • Kitty Nose 210 obtain from a trade!
  • LevianSakamoto with her new look and 2011 Lvl 60 equips... <3 (Getting the pet is a curse though.)

Some items will cover further down this blog entry...

Forgot when I leveled my Buffalo, but I think that was at late November or early December. But it started when someone wants a AFKer and I decide to go do a good deed. In the end I had the spare rounds to reach to lucky 30.

Going a bit further, the X-mas patch had Sprite Stella boxes, X-Mas Special Gacha, and a Event. I was like lucky when it comes to the pet.

Jen 30 at Fantasia... (Thanks to a certain friend~ <3)

ANOTHER Jen 190 at my own batch of boxes! I was trying to complete the Jen 190 set for my Diva. Missing Muffs. =x=;

And thanks to that... I got more Kitty dolls. *3*;;

And my Diva is able to Count Blood now. (I used the Blue Pop Hat for HP and changed it's image, same for most of the Jen gears.)

While the X-Mas events are running, Season 2 came with big changes to the newbie areas! Also, we have a Attendance event, which I got a bunch of Nates and Powders, and a Tempering gem and Flowers.

Used what Powders and Nates to fix this bad boy.

Jessica should be proud. Also will cost alot in Galders because of 4-slots and the rarity of the Fruit Bat Ears!

Oh and the reason why I got the Kitty Mask 210.

876th seal. And also the day to retire an HP mask for a AP one. (And because I want to give the HP mask to my Diva. Got very tired of bank hopping. </3

That should be it for now. Hopefully I don't miss anything important that I can remember. ==;

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