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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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What a busy turkey...

Posted 11-28-2010 at 11:42 PM by Gaap
Okay. I apologize. I haven't posted something good in a while because of a simple patch and that paper frenzy is still in my back.

Okay. This "Thanksgiving" patch isn't that much. Cynical Alice lolboxes and a Facebook event. The only thing I like from the Alice lolboxes is the Patchwork hat! Alice the pet is cute, but unsure if I should get the fuse... Do not want to grow my zoo filled with non-usagimimi...

The new egg shop have Crying June and Hanbok Robin pets. Short on getting eggs and unsure if my Galders are worth getting Crying June! Lucky the Wooden Box bot me this...


The rest are used for future Upgrade coupons. @@

Oh and got Card Girl pet.

This month is also where I pretty much earn soo much galders, that I decide to use them for "StawberryHatto"'s (my Fantasian Sheep) re-naming item, which "Reidentifier 2000" snuck it's way to MyShop! (I hope it's permanent...) Sold a few fused pets in sacrifice for it...

I was going to originally name her "iBeatrice", but then accidently got the cheepest hair dye that does not have yellow! So I went for...

"Levian Sakamoto" (LevianSakamoto). Levian is a shorten name tweak of "Leviathan" (not the blue sea dragon.. But almost!) and Sakamoto came from a manga name (hey it was last minute and it sounds fitting!). Again, overall Umineko inspired, so except a few features based on that once I post my chibi fanart!

That Kochi fuse was gifted by CherryMiki/HeavenSheep on her Fantasia characters! ** I LOvE YOU!!!! (Sucks to have all the pets and fortune at Jewelia, but not at Fantasia!)

Levian's fashion is not complete, but here's what the overall fashion will look like...

Still need Yellow Dress, Black Lace Boots and Black Lace Gloves. =.=; And mind the Sunny Hodori equip. Those are pretty much what I have for MA/HP stacking. (The Meido hat is the Princess Odniea Tiara with almost MAX MA on two slots!)

Jumping back to Jewelia, got MoeMoe (MOEMiyuki's Fox) to help me AFK at Swamp mines and FINALLY got to Lvl. 190!

Would be nice if Ntreev re-re-releases the Jen lolboxes so I can get the complete bonus stats! (Missing he muffs and paw, but I wouldn't mind getting another Kitty Shield 'cause the Bunny emblem is for my Duelist. X_X)


I went like WTH when "Wooden Box 11" is STILL TRADABLE! (I think it contains the Rosseta and Stefano pets)...

Look at the date for proof! Right now we should be at the 17th version!

ALSO I went to Count Blood one day in Master Monk disguise kit! 8D

Now that should have cover most of the stuff I have done for this patch. @.@ My guild is pretty much on hiatus mode right now.. Hopefully I can get an even set up once i'm free from college! Adieu for now!

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