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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Sherlock Nate to the Rescue with Lovely Red-Colored Rewards!

Posted 08-05-2010 at 04:41 PM by Gaap
Nyygghhh!!! I forgot to make a entry on the last patch! Well it's not much other than personal/guild things. Oh and PangYa has way to much good stuff, i'm not gonna keep up.

Anyway, the Sherlock Nate quest... Quite interesting, that I end up making a video for it.

Though the reward is cute... God why it removes my ears! Makes me look like a retard! Though I herd 2nd-Job Buffaloes were spared with their horns.

I also missed out the Karan boxes because they were out during PangYa's Couples Cosplay contest... And the contest goes first. I got a hat from them though. (Which I already gave the fused ver. to one of my guild mates for his B-Day.)

The latest patch with Terimel and Arinel (hope that's right) lolboxes... I want Arinel more 'cause he's the SMEX! He looks alot more attractive than Love Hunter Robin. QQ I want his fuse... But at the same time I want the Lvl 190 gears for my JessicaUshiromia... To bad i'm not at that level yet.

The new event is not much. But wow Offbeat Chris and a few other Phantom School residents came to Cora Beach 3.. Oh dare I say I like to gather Offbeat Chris cards? Anyway...

LOLWAT! A bootleg Funny Band! Is it funny? Well it removes the animal ears. That's why I call it "bootleg". There is no way it can match up with the original Funny Band. T.T;

There is the new Mermaid questies, which i'll get that to do on my Duelist first.. Then maybe my other Bunny. Though I herd Gochama wants you to farm up the Bells/Tinks too... So bleh.

Oh yea, did yew know that my Jessi turned to 3rd job a while ago?

Finally a Champ. But she's nowhere near ready for GvG. Top of that, school is not far, so I got a feeling that she will be on hold. I need to get to Lvl 150 at least! I has some Danihen equips ready in my inventory. Q.Q Oh and new swod plz. The Dread Cutlass is not mine! ><

Oh and Pearl Boots, top and skirt please. My fashion is not complete yet. e.e

That is it for now... Hopefully something better later.

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  1. Rydia's Avatar
    Grat on your 3rd job again lol. ^^

    Your bunny doesn't look too retarded with the ribbon! I just imagine the ribbon parts are like ears flopped down...or something. ~_~ But the funny band...or should I say Music Festival Star Hairband(thats a mouthful)....yeah lol. I'm seeing everyone running around with it with no ears it just looks awkward. >_>
    Posted 08-06-2010 at 09:21 AM by Rydia Rydia is offline
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