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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Here comes the bride...

Posted 06-21-2010 at 08:36 PM by Gaap
Okay. Time to get this done. Before going to content, I manage to obtain a Young Karan Hat and a Tiger Robin pet (forgot to screenshot it!!!)

Last MyShop content had Fairy Faunia (Ryoko Shintani!!!) set, but I cared less. I'm way to focused on spending on PangYa ATM. :<

The last patch (and this patch as well) had the pre-wedding event. This gets to understand the story of this uhh... Ultimate-Trap's love confession for Stella... Why Stella of all people?!


The event gears removed the ears... Bah!!!

I changed 1st job for comparison. I think my loli form wins..

Now for the permanent content we are waiting for...

The wedding system!!!

Because I know me and Tori will take a while before we can get married (due to time zones and the schedule on when he get on...), I decide to experience double-weddings on my Boxer!

Took me 5 days to get our relationship working... I have forced Link500 to go AFK while I do PQs and he woos me on memos and whispers!!!! 8D

Like I don't mind... (<3) But I hope he had no hard feelings that i'm the "role-player" type!!! (Let alone I still surport Kanon x Jessica...) So yea... I am still on Tori's side! But since I have multiple characters, I can have multiple TO-Male Hubbies!!!!

*Cough* Okay. So after 5 days (mostly from afternoon till evening to do PQing and such), we finally got married! Oh and thank you ZmTim(?) for the basic Wedding outfit pack! ^^

Boy aren't we cool/adorable!!! <3 And we exchanged our vows...

I have fun playing bride. I hope I can get the REAL wedding with my main with my Toricakes! *o* (And get the Premium wedding outfit set...)

A video will be made soon. I just came out from the wedding a hour ago! @.@;;;

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