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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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Fiesta Madness and Boarderline Addiction?

Posted 05-01-2009 at 12:11 AM by Gaap
Oh man! This week is like... Nuts. Not that I still have to put hold on the remaining 2 (make that 3) Snow quests, but Ntreev just have to bring back Fiesta once again.

One things for sure is that doing these annoying chain of MQ at the Rose "party" is driving insane yet gain about 5 TMs from it!

Right now i'm sitting at round 67, which I should try to be able to finish it at the weekends. (Because the max to do at Rose is 100. DX)

Now, things are getting a bit to heavy when it comes to some of the family members. Mainly my sister (Fox). I am aware that I am INSANELY ADDICTED to Trickster!

There... Are a couple of reasons why...

1. Recent anime or videos games doesn't appeal to me anymore. You want to know why? I am looking for a series that has a bunny-girl or other kemonomimis for a leader character. And there aren't alot that I can watch or to play with. Until Trickster came to my prayers.

2. I fell in love with my current Duelist right now (even though she needs a TON of work on her skills.), and because right now my current spendings is around fourty bucks.

3. I want to try to stay active at my guild as I can, because the people are awesome and I want to have more friends. I still cheerish Hayaka, Starry-K, etc. But if they are not here when I need them, I have the guild. ^^;

That should be it. I have freedom, right?

P.S. A bit off what the journal's purpose is about, but i'm not sure if there are any classes that I want to take in the Summer semester. And not sure if I have the guts to take a summer job. Puyo....

- Timer Rabbit

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  1. Hayaka's Avatar
    As for Anime/Video games related goes... you can't always get what you want. Learn to live and deal with it -.-; Try to at least get into something that isn't bunny-related and not sure what you meant by kemonomimis?? O.o;

    You finally admitted that you are addicted to Trickster. That's great and all but MMOs can't be your only life around.

    Nice to know that you love your 3rd job but yeah.. hybrids pry on alot of TM than what pure does (which is why i went Champion because i don't wanna waste anymore time grinding for TM for skills)

    I appreciate you still care about us... which is me and Starry-K but we also have a life too. I have a job and Starry-K has school and told me that he needs to do some finals.

    Everyone has their freedom to do to what they want to do and nobody can't tell you to stop from having your freedom but sometimes you do need to make at least a bit of some sacrifices ^^;

    You got legs, don't ya? Get up and go around looking for a job is what i always say ^^; Can't say much for your classes tho =P
    Posted 05-04-2009 at 01:56 PM by Hayaka Hayaka is offline
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