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This is basicly my blog/journal for my Trickster adventures. Sometimes I may pull nice ones. Sometimes is not nice. But I do hope you enjoy my chronicles of my character's adventures!
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"Blink to Deletion" and other entries

Posted 04-03-2009 at 04:59 PM by Gaap
Hello again. Thought I should go a make another blog entry about my adventures. But this time, it's a story in the past (at least last two or three months) that I weep for my Bunny's danger for the first time.

One night in Paradise Town (I think), I was strolling until a newbie Sheep asks for a trade, and asking to offer her MyShop Pts. for some new equip or a certain equip that gains EXP from a party in the distance. O.o I told her that it was unexchanable and if she still wants to get rid/exchange for them, the only way possible is to "buy" a MyShop item and exchange for gallers/items.

Due to my fascination with Singha, the Lion (character) pet, I asked if it's valuable enough for one box for almost my life savings of Galler from the bank. However, this Sheepie has a "friend", who claims to be the girlfriend of a GM. Is that even possible?! Well anyway, the Sheepie asks her for how much worth is a Lion Lolbox in galler form, and said it was 30 mil. That, I do not have.

But I cannot escape this trade mess. I donated all of my tradable event equips and pets, but not enough. This GM_girlfriend threats me that if I don't trade for that kind of value, I will get reported and say "good-bye" to my only character! I tried my best to save my character by hunting the rarest elemental crystal in Cabala (in other words, the Soil Crystals.) while shed in tears. (RL tears, I mean.) I tried to convince my innocent and real words that I do not want to get my account banned for "cheating with a newbie", which I plan not. The Sheepie believe in me, but even so her buddy is like "Kamui" (a character from ".hack//Legend of the Twilight"), who takes justice way to seriously and only ban for those who "act" like cheeters, which I am NOT.

After some convincing via Party chat, this GM_girlfriend let go of my suspection and let go of the trade. I let the Sheepie keep my stuff, so hopefully one of those days she can make good use of it. (Because I am nice and genrous that way.)

So we became friends. And now today... I don't know what happen to her. But at least I get to continue playing "Trickster Revolution" like I was playing "The World in the .hack series.


So there you have it. This is ment to be private because this may put a big disgrace on me and my character. But it has to be told. Maybe you will learn from my stories and such. O.O

Also that I want to add to my entry...

I have a issue with MyShop so far, maybe after a big password change. In this buggy issue, my Pts shows "=102" Pts, as well can't recharge in-game and can't open Gatcha.

So I have no choice but to re-install the game.

Hopefully things will be fixed once it's done.

That is it for today~

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