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An Interesting Morning

Posted 08-26-2010 at 10:12 PM by Fineti
I had a very bizarre encounter two days ago, and I assume blogs can be used for things like this.

While walking out from the parking garage towards campus, I ran into a suspiciously cheerful student. He held the door open for quite a while, as I was pretty far away from him. Without trading introductions, he went on and on about how nice the day is today, and about school, and so on. My initial thought was to wonder if he was on drugs or was going to recruit me to a religious club of some sort (happens a lot). It's kind of sad that it is the first thing a really nice person makes me think of, but I blamed it on the edge of downtown I have to walk through to get to school, and the interesting people who live there.

We were waiting at a slow crosswalk when the student approached a tall, black man with neat dreadlocks who was was also waiting to cross. The student said, "Hello sir, are you enjoying this beautiful day?" Very carefully and without pause, the man responded, "Could you say that to the son of God, without appearing defiant?" This part of town trains you to keep your eyes and mouth to yourself, but I could feel his heart hit the floor behind me. Every time the student would make a confused noise, the man would slowly repeat the question. Eventually the student finally responded, saying that he indeed could because he meant it as a nice gesture. The older man finally said he was enjoying this day. The traffic made me miss part of the conversation unfortunately. The next time I could hear their quiet conversation, the older man said, "Ah. Now we disagree. This is the worst thing that could have happened."

It took us a while to realize the walk signal wasn't working, and that we waited through several traffic-signal cycles.

I no longer had to slow my pace to keep up with him, that's for sure. Once we were far enough away from the older man, the student went on about the strangeness of the encounter, how he was just trying to be nice, and how he didn't understand what the guy was saying. I tried to explain my interpretation of what his question regarding the son of God meant, but the student cut me off with more statements of confusion. He eventually switched topics to his academic experience, the coolness of explosives and alcohol, and the importance of teaching Math (since my major is Secondary Education in Math). We parted ways soon after.

This certainly was one of the most thought provoking mornings I can remember.

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