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Level 66+ skills in PvP

Posted 12-29-2008 at 02:50 PM by Excalibur
Updated 12-30-2008 at 07:56 AM by Excalibur
Whoa, the damage is really intense from the new level 66+ skills. Many characters have extremely damaging combos that can take a person to nearly dead, or in Tia's case, dead.

I actually think this is kinda cool. Throwing out skills and hoping they'll kill your opponent doesn't work as well because if they get you, you're gonna get hurt.

It changes PvP a ton. Siegs can sidestep around and wait for one mistake, and Provoke you to nearly kill you. If Tia catches you, you're dead. I guess this is to counteract Dainn and Eir, who can play keepaway, and still get good damage out of it. Though Dainn and Eir have to hit with more than one or two combos. I heard people don't do downattacks either, they could mess up and eat a combo.

Dainn has a huge amount of projectiles and keep away moves, like AAS, Fire orb, Fire Dragon's Heart, Fury of Land, and some more. Dainn doesn't really run out of mana either, he can use mana extension, and int equips to make sure he has a ton of mana. His melee isn't too shabby either, it's fast and long, but narrow.

Eir's got many quick starting moves that push the opponent away, and stay out, like Holy Spirit. She can also get a combo starter from Sacred Wave, which has a pretty large range, and is quick. If they can get up close to melee her into a combo, Eir can use Dodge, which is probably the fastest move in the game, and can launch the opponent for a free combo. Sleep's got a pretty large range, and hits for a damaging combo.

So I guess Sieg's and Tia's damage is like that because all they need to do to Eir and Dainn is to hit them once or twice. Eir and Dainn need to give Sieg and Tia a few good whacks before they actually die.

The only thing that bothers me with this is, it's a bit of an unfair match to lower levels. Someone who's 59 fighting a 66+, is going to have a much harder time. Levels really are important for PvP, but it's much easier to level now in Lunia at least.

Now that I think about it, I really don't like combos that can nearly kill you. Maybe I don't like these new super powered skills either.

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