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old timers in lunia

Posted 04-13-2009 at 09:26 AM by Excalibur
okay, I saw a topic called, what happened to lunia's forum community

it basically summed up what I thought of the lunia forums here. people just whine, and whine, and whine. and because they're the old, experienced, ob players, no one wants to criticize them.

yes, rebirth can make it easy, but does everyone have to fill the forums with threads like that? whenever I take a glance at the forums and check the topics, I'll at least see one whiny post. that makes me feel bad about lunia, and then I get depressed.

when I actually do play on lunia, I have a bit of fun

people look and the patches, and say oh, lunia's ****ed up (I'm guilty of this). whining about rebirth making the game too easy. maybe it's cause you've been playing so damn long. I remember when people said a bunch of the stages that are now "easy" used to be hard. even if the game was hard, I barely saw anyone crying hard over 3-10L or something.

you guys laugh at the "noobs" who can't even live with their rebirth skills.

in that topic I mentioned earlier, I feel that some people completely missed the point of it. maybe he was referring to the people that post mainly on these forums. not the "ijji noobs"

  • people acting like they're gods of lunia
  • more experienced players talking down to less experienced players
sorry, but how could rainbows not be referring to the posters here. obviously you guys are more skilled, and not those ijji "noobs"

people complain about the pvp community sucking. but all the pros people know and love, seem to be over level 70 (well, some rebirthed again). and then people whine about the 70 debuff. then they say myth is boring, and they want to pvp, but oh no, there's a damage debuff. what a vicious cycle.

before rebirth, the community was the same (both ijji and here), but I didn't see this many whiny/old nostalgia threads.

how come?

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  1. Light's Avatar
    Because it shifted the balance of the game.
    some game companies try and keep the game as balanced as possible, without changing too much.

    Ijji's patch changed some major things, and broke the balance of the game.

    CS will soon be the major balance breaker, if you can't get a rebirth book, then you can't rebirth and then you are looked down upon as weak or nub.
    Because of the giveaway for 2 months, no one really cared, but soon it will be even worse.

    Then you will hear more complaints about how CS users are being favored too much, because only they can get the rebirth book.

    Thankfully Allm made a counter, to balance that by having a rebirth book quest. (quite a few)
    But until we get it, you should prepare for even more QQ from the new players.

    The balance won't be restored, it's already broken. Most reasons in that thread.
    Posted 04-13-2009 at 08:02 PM by Light Light is offline
  2. Excalibur's Avatar
    hmm, I haven't seen anyone bring up that point about CS. yeah, even with the quests, people probably wouldn't want to party with non-rebirthers. I'm guessing you can't complete the quest instantly from level 1, so you'd have to stage without rb

    though I dunno what you mean by the balance of the game. is it too easy to level and no one has the skills for staging? I understand that making stages too easy kinda kills lunia. when I first looked at it in CB, I was thinking "now this is a game with technical skill, like hardcore arcade games."
    nvm, people that want to be good in the first place, will be skilled. just because people grind stages all day won't make them any better.

    how about those new players? do they think the game is dumbed down? they've never played ob or cb, so how could they tell?

    but, I guess this game is dying in korea.
    Posted 04-14-2009 at 01:49 PM by Excalibur Excalibur is offline
    Updated 04-16-2009 at 05:10 PM by Excalibur
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