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Fitting explained for the new guys Part 1

Posted 06-29-2009 at 11:00 PM by Ethane
Fitting Explained Part 1: Choosing your Modules

When I first got into Eve, I had no damn clue on what to do with my ship once I bought it. I didn't think to pay attention to the ship's intended armaments, its bonuses, and so on. Before I wised up, I actually tried to fly a shield and armor-tanked Caracal into nullsec. I didn't last long, if that comes at any surprise.

Some players who've been with the game for a good amount of time still fit their ships with the most retarded and moronic setups you can imagine. These guys are also all over Empire. What I'm getting at is you shouldn't ever really ask around in-game on how to fit a particular ship, unless you're desperate for comedy.

Always fit a ship for what it's intended and what its bonuses are. Ships always come with a bonus (except shuttles) that correlate with what the ship is designed to do. The Caracal is intended as a missile boat, with both of its bonuses geared towards, you guessed it, missiles. The Rokh (Caldari battleship) is a hybrid weapon (railguns or blasters, more on weapon types in a later update) platform. I've seen morons in Empire swearing by laser-wielding Caracals and Rokhs fitted with missile launchers and artillery. They're also still stuck in Empire, if that gives you any indication.

In other words, just because gigantic 4x4 mud tires will fit on your mom's Honda Accord doesn't mean you should put them on there.

Racial Considerations

Amarr: The Amarr are big on lasers. Really big. In fact, other than a few missile[1] and drone boats, that's their main deal. They also (unless I'm mistaken) always armor tank.

Gallente: Poor Gallente, they used to have the most powerful ships in the game until they got nerfed to hell and back by CCP. While every racial type uses drones, the Gallente are especially wild about them; having a drone boat in every class of ship. Their main weapon platform is hybrid (railguns and blasters), and like the Amarr they're all about armor tanking.

Caldari: The Caldari are mostly about using missiles with a good degree of railgun boats mixed in. They also almost always use a shield tank (some exceptions do apply, more on that later).

Minmatar: The crazy catch-all race. While they stick primarly to artillery for firepower, their line of ships either rely on shield or armor tanking, resulting in longer training times. Due to supporting roleplaying stupidity, a lot of Minmatar ships have split-weapon systems which ruined the effectiveness for some of them, most notably their Dreadnought (which managed to get fixed, sorta.) Split-weapon systems, as you guessed it, also lengthen training times.

Pirate Faction Ships: These ships are split up between races like the Minmatar's split between weaponry; meaning you'll have to be proficient in two racial skills to fly one ship. For instance, to simply get into the hull of a Nightmare (Sansha faction battleship), you'll need to be able to fly both Caldari and Amarr battleships. Most of these ships are also forced to use a split-weapons system, making them terrible despite the steep prices you pay just to fly one. The simplest advice concerning pirate ships: don't fly them.

[1] All races have one or more ships that are dedicated missile boats. This only applies to missiles, you won't find any Amarr railgun ships, Caldari Laser ships, or Gallente artillery ships.

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