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Ship types explained, Part 1

Posted 06-29-2009 at 09:19 PM by Ethane
Updated 06-29-2009 at 09:29 PM by Ethane
This is a quick, informative rundown of what ship types are available in Eve, with my own bias thrown in for good measure. From this you can hopefully get some idea of where your training path will take you, by researching further on your own - if you're familiar with Eve you know this rundown is certainly not comprehensive in the least.

In part 1, we'll cover shuttles to Cruisers.


Shuttles are super cheap transports for a tiny amount of cargo and nothing more. They're quick, disposable, and will explode if you sneeze.

Newbie Frigates

These are the ships you first start out with. While they're almost completely useless, Goonfleet has been known to mass up to 100 players in a gang flying only newbie frigates and harassing players around the game. In one stunt, they managed to melt a battlecruiser in seconds. Regardless, you'll want to get into a better frigate pronto.

Tech I Frigates

Frigates are the smallest, cheapest form of combat/mining ship in Eve. Each race has a frigate custom tailored for DPS, speed (tackling), mining, probing (exploration), etc etc. They're incredibly basic and incredibly cheap, which has been exploited to a largely successful degree by alliances like Goonfleet as a tackling platform.

Tech II Frigates

Covert Ops Covert ops frigates are allowed to use the covert ops cloak, which allows them to warp around under a cloak. They're not intended for direct combat, instead they're used to set up warpins for fleets and probe out hidden ships and the like. They're also handy to get around in if you want to avoid combat.

Assault Ships (Assault Frigates) Assault Frigates are slower, better tanked combat frigates with higher resists. The problem is Cruisers do everything as well as assault frigates do, do it cheaper, and with more DPS and a better tank. Some folks love assault frigates, others avoid them as a moneysink.

Electronic Attack Ships ECM (electronic counter measure) sized frigates. Like assault ships, Cruiser ECM variants do more for much less. Likewise considered useless by many players.

Interceptors High-speed tackling platforms, and probably the single fastest ships in the entire game. Before the speed nerf, they used to be able to hit 13km/s quite easily, nowadays it looks like 6-8km/s is the norm. These are usually always seen in a HAC (more on them below) gang. A beloved addition to any roaming gang.

Tech I Destroyers

Destroyers are larger versions of frigates that can field a very large rack of frigate-sized weapons. They're also as fragile as frigates, present a larger target than a frigate, and generally considered useless for most things, save Level 1 missions; which they clear out quite easily.

Tech II Destroyers (Interdictors)

Interdictors are specialized little ships that are intended to deploy warp bubbles, which create a large area where warping is impossible, basically turning any ship that flies into one a sitting duck. Whenever you run into a camped jumpgate and get blown to smithereens, you can thank this little ship for making it possible.

Tech I Cruisers

These ships are the step up from frigates. They're (usually) able to field DPS, a tank, and damage mods accordingly. Each race sports one or two specialised cruisers, like the Caldari's Blackbird (an ECM boat) and the Gallente's Vexor (a Drone boat).

Tech II Cruisers

Heavy Assault Ships (HACs) These ships are the favored platform of any roaming gang. They have the firepower to match battlecruisers (and some battleships!), incredibly high resists, but the speed and agility of regular cruisers. All in all they're mean little ships that most players will do their best to avoid if they know they are coming. The Minmatar's Vagabond is considered the best HAC, as well as the most survivable solo PVP ship.

Logistics In any other MMO these guys would be the cleric, so they are aptly nicknamed by players as "space priests". They repair armor and shields, and are invaluable in maintaining conquerable space stations and player owned stations (POS).

Recon Ships Recon ships come in two variants, Combat Recon and Force Recon. Combat Recon ships are designed to provide ECM as well as DPS, while Force Recons can pack a covert ops cloak and aren't considered a DPS boat at all. Despite the recent nerf, the Caldari Falcon (Force Recon) is the most favored Recon ship in the game due to its ability to shut down the combat capabilities of other ships as well as be able to set up warp-ins thanks to its ability to warp while cloaked.

Heavy Interdictors These are basically the bigger, meaner, uglier versions of the Interdictor. They can field a Warp Disruption Field which is anchored on the ship itself, trapping even ships that are invulnerable to electronic warfare such as Titans and Motherships.

Tech III Cruisers

Currently, the only Tech III ships in the game. They're modular, which means you have much more options to fit them than a regular ship. They're also incredibly, incredibly expensive to purchase and fit. They're also the first thing your enemy is going to primary. I don't know much about these ships, while I'm not far at all from flying one, I won't do so for a good long while.

Part 2, coming soon: Industrial ships, Battlecruisers, and Battleships

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