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Does It Matter?

Posted 02-02-2010 at 02:01 PM by Esper
We all know what happens when you change schools and get separated from your old friends. You make new ones.
You may be lucky and your friends will attend the same school.

There's one thing that has always bugged me when some of my friends decide to ask "Are you straight, bi, or gay?"
Obviously no one cares about bisexuals. It's either you like girls or boys.

Does it really matter?

Think about it. No matter what your sexuality is, not much will change.
Well...maybe a few things but that's besides the point.

Let's use the "No Homo" game as an example.
First scenario:
You're straight and say something to your friends. "No Homo."
You're bisexual and say something to your friends. "No Homo."
You're gay and say something to your friends. "No Homo."
A person's mind will automatically think that the person is completely straight. People join in the "No Homo" game just so they won't be the awkward one out.

Different scenario:
You're straight and say something to your friends. /no response
You're gay and say something to your friends. "No Homo."
A person's mind will automatically think the straight person is gay while the gay person is straight.
What type of logic is that? Just because someone doesn't play the game makes them one or the other?

Now to my point. Does it really matter if I'm one or the other? Practically 1/3 of my friends ask me that question since they are curious.
Most are girls asking the question. I have no idea why they decide to ask it randomly when a bunch of us are doing school activities. They must feel like it's interesting to shove something completely unrelated into the chat.

Does it matter?

If I say I'm straight, you lose the ability to gain a friend to go shopping with and talk about guys.

Since when does saying you're straight mean you can't do those things. There are lots of straight guys out there that a girl can go shopping with for fashion advice or talk about certain guys they like [which could be weird for the guy].

If I say I'm gay, you gain the ability to gain a friend to go shopping with and talk about guys. Nothing much to say here...

I'm fine with the mindset of that "If you're straight, you can't be as good as a gay friend and vice versa." The problem is do I really have to answer that question?

I'm still the same person as you knew before but the only thing you learn is about my sexuality? You really get nothing out of it beside the possibility of either being a not-so-good buddy to talk to or a good buddy to talk to.

I'd rather keep this within my family so that it doesn't change the friendship bond into something that can be used as.
This is why you will never see me alone with a girl or boy unless we are walking to our friends or talking about homework/school projects.

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  1. PedroRomero's Avatar
    they just say it's because it's interesting to them? if you're confident in your answer i guess you should answer truthfully and just let it go. even though it can be annoying to be asked that question over and over once you answer then it's done with.

    as for "no homo" we do it all the time. and even if someone says "no homo" and they are gay and people think they're straight now why should it matter even then? ok whatever they think you're straight. if it's that important hat people think ur not straight then yo can correct them as needed.

    one time this guy hugged me and i flipped out and said "YOU GAY MAN! YOU GAY!" and someone said, "wow you must be really homophobic" and i said "no. i was just playing." which is true...

    i dunno. i guess i dunno the right advice to give because nobody in real life ever comes up to me and ask "are you straight or gay?" ever since i graduated from high school. nobody out there seems to care what you do in bed with anyone else as long as you don't bother them with it. i've been friends with the same group of friends since i got to my university and i've never been asked and i've never asked them. now that i think of it... i dunno if any of us are gay!
    Posted 02-02-2010 at 08:11 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
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