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Summer 2010 Anime Impressions

Posted 08-09-2010 at 08:23 PM by drkmerc
Updated 08-10-2010 at 12:25 AM by drkmerc
Close to halfway through this season now, and there's a pretty solid idea of which shows are good and up~ *pachi pachi*

In the order of airing schedule...
- Sengoku Basara (7.5/10): Definitely not as hot blooded as season 1, this sequel's more about preventing wars than...well...wars. That's not entirely a bad thing (since there's actually a story, mainly about Maeda Keiji's past), but when you have 2-3 episodes of Sengoku Basara with little to no fighting in a row, you know someone somewhere fked something up.
- Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ (7/10): They picked up right where the first series left off and is following the manga very closely. There wasn't even a first episode recap, which I approve because I'd rather spend 5-10 minutes figuring out where they left off than to watch 24 min of recap that could've been used covering new stuff.

- Highschool of The Dead (9/10): They've been following the story as closely as I've seen on any anime adaptations (with some minor changes to fit it into 24 min). Hell, it's been exactly 1 chapter per episode up until now, which either means they highly respected 佐藤大輔's pacing with the manga, or they have a director who has a fetish for overly organizing things. The far shots/backgrounds/rotating camera is beautifully done by Madhouse, and I absolutely love how they have a different ending song (which are almost all good songs) every episode. The only problem I have is that they upped the fan-service on it, and for some strange reason they love adding a "boing" sound-effect every time Shizuka-sensei moves...making a scene that should be tense seem comical.
- Nurarihyon no Mago (6.5/10): At first I thought this was a typical shounen series with demons instead of ninjas, monsters w/ funny masks, pirates, or wizards; but when I watched it, this turned out to be a typical shounen series...that's watchable because there's nothing else on on Mondays. That said, Yuki-onna/Tsurara is 萌え and she's pretty much 85% of the reason I watch this (the other 15% being that there's nothing else on).

- Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (8/10): I watched this with high expectations because J.C. staff was handling it, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped. The script is really cheesy at times and there are moments where I go "bleh~", but it's still cute and enjoyable at times. My biggest problem with this series is that the side characters don't have much appeal to me, and the only characters I care about are the 3 mains; because of that, any episode that focuses on anyone else is almost not worth watching. At least the 猫猫ナックル are cute...
- Amagami SS (7.5/10): At first glance, this show seemed like your regular romance comedy that's obviously derived from a galge, but when you actually watch it past episode 2, it feels like you're actually watching someone play a PS2 galge on TV. The main character is ridiculously perverted and has some weird thing about kissing girls in weird body parts (back of the knee, bellybutton, The weird thing is that the girls actually give him permission to do this kind of stuff. Whoever wrote this must be some perverted teenager who have only been in contact with 2D girls and this must be the materialization of his perverted dream world...or something. That said, the series is alright past the kissing fetish stuff.
- Legend of the Legendary Heroes (11!/10): This is THE series of this season. Character design, story, the fantasy setting, special effects, music, the magic spells, and the fight choreography are all very well done. The ending song is probably the best song out this entire season. That and there hasn't been a great fantasy series since Utawarerumono or the Druaga series (Tears to Tiara was kinda fail tbh), so it's good to finally have a great fantasy series to watch. I absolutely love the Estabul Kingdom's "haste" buff spell's chant by the the point where I can recite the thing in like 2 seconds. 「我・契約文を捧げ・大地に眠る悪意の精獣を宿す」。 ("I offer up this contract, to bear the wicked spirit beast which sleeps within the Earth.")

- Shukufuku no Companella (1/10): Read everything I said above about Legend of the Legendary Heroes, now take the opposite of that and we have this series. This series is a total placeholder because there's absolutely nothing to watch/do on Fridays half the time. Hell, I purposely save Kaichou wa Maid-sama for Fridays just because this would be the crap day of the week without it. This show has painfully bad fan-service, little to no action (in a Fantasy series FFS), bad fight choreography (again, in a Fantasy series FFS), mediocre character design, poor story telling, and the conflicts are nothing but furry animals w/ jewels embedded on their heads that makes them evil. None of the episodes contribute to the (non-existent) overarching story; if you want to see a guy w/ a bunch of girls beating on "evil" furry animals, you should consider watching pokemon instead. The thing that pisses me off most about this series is that the main character has a harem and is loved by all the girls unconditionally. He hasn't done anything that has appealed to the audience to support this unnatural popularity with the entire female cast other than spewing a few cheesy lines every now and then. It's not like he's Lyner Lute from Legend of the Legendary Heroes; now that's a man the ladies want to have afternoon naps with. There's just too many things to complain about, but another important flaw is that the characters starts off well-known/basically worshiped by the citizens of the city they reside in. There's no feeling of them doing anything significant, meaning the story goes nowhere, since their so called "quests" are the equivalent of "slaying 5 slimes" or "gather 10 ores". In a usual fantasy series, the protagonists should start small and work their way to higher social standing (Utawarerumono: from random stranger with amnesia to emperor of Tuskuru to being GOD, Druaga: from nub paladin to the only guy that can tank the "last boss" and slay him as well, etc). However, this series will probably have meaningless nub quests for all of eternity.
This is getting into tl;dr territory, so I'll just say this:
You'd be doing your braincells a favor by not watching this.

- Seitokai no Yakuindomo (7/10): "We are SYD~"...*ahem* Yeah. 4koma series made into an anime, there's been several of these ever since Lucky Star caught such popularity. This series is definitely not bad, but it's stuck in the so-so area. I think to me, the really good parts of this series is actually not from the perverted jokes the writer's so proud of, but everything involving Suzu...damn I'm starting to sound like a lolicon like Nek0.
- Asobi ni Ikuyo! (6.5/10): I don't really know what to say about this series since it's bizarre as hell (nekomimi + inumimi aliens...), but 1 thing's for sure, they're trying to sell with fan-service. Seriously though, if you're trying to sell with fan-service, at least let it be good fan-service. I'm a fan of AIC and all, but the character design in this is just bad. The main character is such a dork too, like the writer wrote the story about his teenage self...except this time he's not a loser and has his very own harem.

Any unmentioned series are either not started this season, or I never watched them, as for the one series I dropped this season...

- Shiki (0/*a really large number*): I first started this series because I was looking for a new mystery horror, but the male protagonist was such a d-bag that I ended up dropping it. I'm not saying you can't hate a girl for having a crush on you because you think she's annoying, but when you have a "Good, now I won't have to avoid her anymore" attitude when she's killed, you're officially a d-bag.

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  1. There are two male protagonists if you actually watched it...
    The Doctor is the real main character cause the boy dies( courtesy of his best friend :) )
    Posted 08-10-2010 at 06:20 AM by meltyace meltyace is offline
  2. weissritter's Avatar
    hmm you really should write the review after when the season completes.

    Otherwise, your opinion can change halfway and it affects which complete series i'll dl when it finishes...

    so you better make it good
    Posted 08-10-2010 at 07:17 AM by weissritter weissritter is offline
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