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On OGP and buisness (LT oriented)

Posted 11-25-2009 at 09:07 PM by draggiekin
Well, it is no secret that many of OGPlanet's customers hold disdain for them, but yeah, I do my share of complaining too, but no one has given a clear cut answer as to how to solve the problem.

I think we all know how to solve the problem, and are doing it.....sort of.... Take into account La Tale's horrible economy. It is because, honestly, there are too little buyers/sellers. The market is so tiny that a few people upping their prices would potentially throw the system out of whack. I, do hate to say this, but the better economy lies within, MapleStory. Yes I said it. I admit, I used to play. However, it works. The supply and demand of say...scrolls were constant and fluid. There were lots of sellers and lots of buyers and it kept moving. For LT, we need a larger community really. We all want that next server, so for OGP to make a new server viable, there has to be more players. But honestly, LaTale or really ANY OGP game is not easy to get into. Not because of the games, its because of some players. It's really hard to find helpful, mindful players that keep you going in the game. So the new players leave, then that is one less potential customer for OGP. Really, if OGP had enough players, it could expand and really up the quality on everything. Think of it in terms of money. "Bah GMs COME HELP" the GMs are busy debugging, they cannot watch us all the time. But if the community grew more, they would need more GMs, and more avid watchers. This could apply to other games. We see tons of "GET NEW PLAYERS" events, because, that is what OGP needs. More players make everything else financially viable. MapleStory expanded because it had a lot of players. They maybe got lucky, the community grew loyally, and largely. OGP started off small, and perhaps some horrible players took root in OGP and just spread their nastiness, I would not know. However, that is the problem now. There has to be a way to usher in new players without destroying their moral.

I know I am not the only person who sees this.

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  1. SOC's Avatar
    It's kinda' common sense that more players is what makes every game better and more playable. XD MapleStory is so popular BECAUSE it's popular, and well advertised. If you want to get more people, there has to be lots of advertisements. Honestly, I only heard about La Tale from a MapleStory site, it wasn't an ad or any thing. It was just a database for MS and LT. I then Youtubed La Tale to get more info. on it, then decided I would try it out and was amazed at the quality of it.

    For an economy to thrive, there has to be a need for items. LT is such a casual game, and now that we can buy our puzzles with Ely, it's just hard to get one going because you can pretty much hunt whatever you're looking for, or craft it. With a small community, it's even harder.

    A lot of people talk about how bad LT's community is, but even those "bad" people are much better than other communities, LIKE MapleStory. And of course, more GM interaction would be very very nice. But that'll only happen with more people. :P

    So, in short, for more people to come play LT, OGP needs to advertise more. Yeah, we'd have an economy then, too, but I'm not all for another server. I want to see our server filled with 30 channels or some thing before even considering another. I like how we have one server and all of us play together.
    Posted 11-26-2009 at 06:46 AM by SOC SOC is offline
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