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Complainings on Long Distance.

Posted 01-20-2013 at 11:46 PM by Douceur
Sometimes, I wish I could just close my door, then open it again and when I do, I'd be in front of my boyfriend's house. But, lolnope, I'd have to travel a continent then cross an ocean to get to him.


To make matters a bit worse, our time zones are pretty different; he's in Scotland and I'm in California. My time + 8 hours = his time. I always say to him," At least you end the day with me! And I start the day with you!" But lately, it isn't cutting it;

We've been dating for.. I dunno 6 months now? I'm not sure how long as we didn't have a 'set' day where we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Just sorta.. happened, hue. But anyway, I feel.. like I need him more and more everyday.

We call everyday and such, but it feels like it's never enough. I always feel the need to hug him and such, but I can't. And when I tell him this, all he can say is," I know, love. I wish I could." and vice versa. So it's just, mrawrlwkejakwe and frustrating D;

I want to go there as soon as I can, but because I'm attending college and such, I told him and myself that I'd first finish my studies here, get my degree, then hop on the next flight over there and love him lots. But it's been killing me, as I still have 5 semesters left (2 1/2 years to go, yay). And it makes me paranoid that in that time, we'll grow distant and apart, because 2-ish years is a helluva lot of years;;

I've been telling myself that I just need to be patient and that I need to just work my butt off in my classes so I can get out ASAP.. But I just really want to see him and make him give me piggybacks all around Edinburgh;;


and his freaking accent doesn't make my life any better because hotdang, orgasm in my ears much.. >_>;;

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  1. Joy's Avatar
    I really feel for you. >: It's like when you go to bed he'll be up. Knowing you can't do much about it and then later you'll start missing him and feel lonely when you're not around him. Sorry for stalking your blog but it was on the front page so... xD I wish you luck with your relationship. Even though you don't know me you can talk to me if you ever need someone to talk to.
    Posted 01-24-2013 at 09:30 AM by Joy Joy is offline
  2. Douceur's Avatar
    Thanks so much ;o; I'd love to chat with you anytime.
    And yeah, basically when I go to sleep (12AM-1AMish), he's just woken up and started the day (8AM-9AM).

    And lately, since he's been on his holiday from work, I've just been sleeping at like.. 8PM to wake up at 2-3AM.

    Cheers to time zones @w@;
    Posted 01-24-2013 at 05:05 PM by Douceur Douceur is offline
  3. Janna's Avatar
    I understand how hard that might get. ;; My relationship is long distance too, but not as much as yours (I'm in NY and he's in Texas). We will be seeing each other this summer though and talk every day, but there is always that fear that waiting will be difficult and it'll be broken off.

    I know hard it can be since my previous (and only other relationship) ended because of distance. But honestly, all good things are worth waiting for, so I think you should just keep smiling and moving forward! I used to be the depressed clingy type that'd want to be with my boyfriend physically (probably what made me unbearable to date back then haha) but after my old relationship ended, I realized I should consider myself lucky enough to actually be with my boyfriend. So you're still very lucky!

    If it matters, I'll probably be seeing my bf in the summer, which will be our second year anniversary. So it took us a whole two years to get there!
    Posted 01-25-2013 at 10:44 AM by Janna Janna is offline
  4. Almora's Avatar
    But honestly, all good things are worth waiting for, so I think you should just keep smiling and moving forward!
    Pretty much this and what all of Mare said. I can relate to her a lot. If you really do love each other a lot and it's genuine, waiting is worth it. I know 2.5 yrs is long, but it's not like you have to wait a decade like me.

    I'm still holding out because our feelings are incredibly strong. I do not worry about him losing interest or us growing apart. Have a little faith in yourself, you can do it!


    What I noticed is that this is all on your side. What does he think? What's his situation? Can't he come to YOU instead? Or is he just like you, school and stuff? Have you tried web-camming yet, that might fill some of the lack of physical presence.

    Just some food for thought
    Posted 01-25-2013 at 04:26 PM by Almora Almora is offline
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