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Well basically,I normally tire of blog sites quickly.Mymmo though,Is not one of those sites.Things to expect?Random commentary on my life,the music that I love,songs of the day,video games,video game reviews,anime,and whatever the heck I feel like bloggin about.
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Time Hollow

Posted 10-05-2008 at 09:00 AM by DemiGodDanzig
yay,my first actual review since i started doing it with PS2 games a few years ago /o/

Story: 9/10
This game is about the main character,Ethan,waking up one morning and finding out that all of a sudden he lives with his uncle and his parents have been missing for 13(?) years.He soon discovers a pen which only he alone can use,the Hollow Pen.With this pen,upon fulfilling certain criteria,he is allowed to draw a portal to the past to fix any wrongdoings and change the past to change his future,bringing him one step closer to his parents.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is a pretty simple point and click game,in the vein of Phoenix Wright/Hotel Dusk,where you move around and talk and interact with the things on screen to find clues and items that can help you fix the past.It is simple,moving from area to area,talking to people and going through a series of questions,but the way it is presented is not.As you progress through the game,every change you do may affect the future in a big way,so going around and figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it is a big incentive to continue forward.
The only problem to this is that it is on the short side,and can easily be beat in a day,if you become greatly involved in the story like i was.

Graphics: 7/10
Besides the cinematic cut scenes,which are reminiscent of an anime in a way,the way the game presented is not so graphically advanced.Most of the time,you are just looking at basically still pictures while looking around for clues.While it may not be exciting,the details in it are quite decent and it gets the job done.

Controls: 10/10
You have the choice of going through the game with either a stylus,or the control buttons.Either way work just fine,but with a stylus everything is much simple.There are pretty much no flaws in it,which may not say much since this is not an action oriented game,but it does what its supposed to do.

Sound/Music: 7/10
I find myself sometimes putting the volume up to listen to listen to the BG,but rarely.The cut scenes though,I tend to put the volume up.The voice acting is decent,and the voices of the characters do tend to match their characters,so that to me is a plus.The Opening and Ending scene has a great theme song to listen to,and I enjoyed listening to it.

Replay Value: 2/10
The bad thing about this is this,there really is no replay value at all.Once you complete the game,you have the option of beating it again,but the play through is muchly shortened.A great game to buy,but considering once you beat it your done,many of you may be tempted to rent it.Which i guess in a way is fine.

Overall: 7.5
It deserves the score,only because of it being a bit on the short side and lack of playability.But if you do like Phoenix Write/Hotel Dusk/Detective type games,or games with a great story,i would totally recommend getting this game for you DS library.

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