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The Bar =D

Posted 12-24-2009 at 08:34 AM by DeltaLamb
Yay! First blog evah!!!!

Had some fun at the party drinking some...stuff hehehe so anyway, I decided to blog whatever happened to my new character

So meet Alice After a year of playing other MMO's I came back to play Trickster Online. Wanting to learn the ropes the second time around, I created a fox named Alice. I walked and walked around with my newly created character and noticed creepy ghost monsters roaming in each field (scared the hell out of me when I went to desert beach, especially the octopus)

Anyway, I drilled my way to level 10 to wear those ducky equips drilled some more to get some quest items and did some episode quests. Got to Lv. 21 with Tm at 17 before my client froze. Sadly my laptop still hates mana rings so I'll say bye bye to my mana ring sheepy even before she was born

So enough with the TO stuff and on to my real life stuff

So today err...yesterday I thought everything was a just a normal day. I forgot that it was Dec. 24 I forgot to wrap my presents to my family so I waited till they went to the mall or someplace else before I started covering the gifts with whatever stuff that I considered as a wrapper. After wrapping the presents (horribly) I opened my laptop to surf the net and chat with anyone who is online. A few hours later, after my family finished their business, we went to our family's christmas party and celebrated until 11:00 pm (cause by that time most of us were all drunk) I ate a few more cakes after I got home and waited till midnight came and greeted everyone Merry Christmas.

I guess that's all I can say for this post cause I'm getting sleepy and we'll be leaving early to visit our province. So goodnight everyone and Merry Christmas ^__^

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