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Episode 3

Posted 12-15-2009 at 12:45 PM by DarthVad3r
Six years before:

The war was raging, and Bob was at the head, fighting with all his might. He shouted that all the army flee, and he hold them off. Many argued, but they finally agreed. Bob could only hold them off, and not kill them, as his power and skill was limited. He was finally ran over, and the leader slit his throat and took his staff. Bob lay dead on the battlefield.


Six years later:

Major Healmagic was just walking to Bob's grave, to pay his yearly respects to him. Bob was a lowly private who was brave enough to die in order to let his comrade's live (lol self praising jk). Healmagic just kneeled at Bob's headstone and murmured,
'Thank you.'
Then he got up. Suddenly, a voice rang through his head.
'Are you gonna save me, or not??!'
Healmagic jumped, in a very un-majorlike fashion. Looking around, he convinced himself that it was his imagination. Then it came again.
'Healmagic, it's Bob...'
Healmagic, surprised, walked back to Bob's grave, slightly frightened. Then he remembered. Bob knew how to turn things to stone. Stone that looked exactly like what it used to be. Healmagic had wondered for years, maybe, just maybe, if Bob had turned his slit throat into stone. However, this took several days to happen if the object to be turned to stone was yourself. The channeling of the magic was harder to get across your blood instead of your pores. Healmagic began digging eagerly, and lifted Bob's coffin. Bob rose out, squinting, and rubbed his legs. Six years underground was hard on one's legs. Healmagic burst into tears (not saying that ur emotional), and turned to Bob.
'You're alive!'
Bob looked at Healmagic as if he was a town joker.
'Erm, it's slightly easy to live after you get slit if you have the power to turn things to stone... Oh well, is there anything new after, say, 5 or 6 years?'
Healmagic stood up, and spoke clearly.
'They have attacked.'

Sorry to keep you hanging, but next episode, Episode 4: The Meeting Up, will reveal who 'they' could be.

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