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Episode 1

Posted 04-29-2009 at 11:09 AM by DarthVad3r
Updated 04-29-2009 at 11:20 AM by DarthVad3r
Carmasa, the Count, sits upon his throne, with his head down, in deep thought. Xubis, approaching his master, kneels down respectfully, and murmurs,
'My Count, there is a visitor here, waiting to challenge you.'
Carmasa looks up, slowly nodding. He dons a cloak and grabs his staff, while getting up from his throne. His staff was specially made for him by the blacksmith, and it was gleaming brightly, while emitting a cold atmosphere.
'Let him in.'
A strange hooded stranger goes in. He pulls of his hood, exposing his long black hair. The Count looks deep into his eyes, as he sees something familiar in them. Is it his former lowly servant, Tommy?
Beside him stood an old adversary, Xpecial. Carmasa's eyes momentarily flashed with anger, but he controlled his emotions, and tapped his long fingers together.
'What is it that you want?' Carmasa said, in a clear, yet dark voice.
Tommy puts down his staff in truce, and Xpecial points HIS staff at Carmasa.
'It has begun.' Xpecial said, in a final, and convicting sort of way.
'They are coming!'

Hopefully tomorrow Episode 2.

These episodes were originally posted on I am not the author I just collected and am now reposting them. I think bobenbuilder was the author. If someone remembers who the author was please post so I can give proper credit.

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