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Anticipated Game: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Posted 12-06-2012 at 01:55 AM by darkengy
Square Enix has a lot of games in progress: Lightning Returns, Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts III & Final Fantasy Type-0 but what I look forward most in playing Final Fantasy Versus XIII .

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is an single player action RPG that is still under development for PS3 platform. This game, along with Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, the upcoming Lightning Returns & FF Type-0 is within the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. Unlike the FF XIII trilogy, Versus's plot & setting are fully independent.

This was announced back during my early college days. The game follows the story of Noctis Lucis Caelum, the prince & protector of a remaining city that has the control over crystals.

As much as I want to discuss the game elements, the details are very scarce, especially that Square Enix had a lot of upcoming games that are still in progress. I just hope that these delays will make the game more exciting than just eye-candy to hardcore fans.

According to some sources I've read (aside from Wiki), the game would be more action-oriented, similar to the game play of Kingdom Hearts mixed with Dirge of Cerberus only more realistic while the fight sequences would be similar FF VIII's Advent Children film.

A lot of CG & game play trailers are shown during some known gaming conventions. Each trailer shows the drastic changes, especially with Noctis.



It took a while before they were able to show the initial game play. Compared to the other Final Fantasy titles, the game play seems to be trickier & complicated since players have to switch while engaging battle to get multi-character combo streaks & to control mobiles such as tanks & robots. Battles can happen anywhere & it is real-time; no pre-battle loading since players will have to fight as is.

The full motion cut scenes in one of the trailers shows some graphic content such as:


Broken bones, etc...

A little disappointment on this part though: Director Tetsuya Nomura explained that the players can't warp freely; the player will only be warped where his sword is located. Maps look bigger & non-linear compared to FF XIII.

The setting is loosely based on the some real-life places such as Shinjuku & some famous landmarks are replicated. It's a combination of the real world & medieval elements. So far, both the setting & plot are darker compared to the previous FF titles.

Last time I heard, Versus had just entered full production last year, though no new information was officially released. I didn't believe the rumor that it was cancelled 6 months ago but I was hoping for the 'surprise' (if they have any that is) they have stored for us players in the near future. Despite the long, long delays, I still look forward to play this game~

Photo References:

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  1. Draft's Avatar
    It's nice to see people still loving FF games even when I heard a lot of people bagged on FF13. When I saw the trailer for FF13-Versus I was like, "Oh God, if this guy is our final boss it will really be the end of the world!" I have to say his telekinesis looks overpower, better than Lightning's Army of One. q.q

    Oh and Hi
    Posted 12-06-2012 at 02:44 PM by Draft Draft is offline
  2. darkengy's Avatar
    Thank you very much~ I've been waiting for this during my college days. And I like the changes now, even though my friend told me they look like a boy band in an MV lol. The protagonist himself is too imba that's why they decided to limit the warp I guess =| I'm still hoping for this to be released, if not (God forbid) they should turn this one into a movie~

    And hello~
    Posted 12-09-2012 at 07:53 PM by darkengy darkengy is offline
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